The Siblings Project | February 2019


I had grand plans of taking pictures of my trio somewhere out and about this month. But with our weeks (and weekends) being so busy lately, I just didn't manage it. It's half term this time week though so with all three at home, I thought it was perfect timing to snap a few pictures of my little siblings crew. I took similar pictures last year when Lilah was just a few weeks old, so it's lovely to see how much she's grown already. From a teeny squishy newborn, to a proper little girl - with the sassiest attitude and cheeky personality to go with it!

Half term has given my three a chance to regroup and enjoy some quality time together again. Despite being half way through the school year now, I still don't think Parker understands that Indie is at school every day. When he's at home with me, he's always asking when we can go and get her and why she has to go every day. Lilah on the other hand absolutely loves the peace and quiet on school and preschool days - she gets full reign of toys and has me all to herself (so I can read her every book we own over and over again..). But she does love when they're home, as they give her allll the cuddles and kisses!

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