3 Way to Keep your Baby's Nursery Tidy


When you’ve got young children, keeping the house clean can seem like an impossible task. You end up fitting in household chores when you have a spare minute; focusing largely on the most-used rooms such as the kitchen and the living room. The nursery (especially if still unoccupied) tends to be one of the last rooms you think of cleaning, but did you know it can quickly become a potential danger if it isn’t kept clean and tidy? So today I am sharing some handy tips to help make your nursery a clean and comfortable space.

Wash the curtains as well as the bedding - One thing that’s easy to forget about when you’re cleaning is the curtains. However they can easily develop a build-up of dust, debris and germs. So, it’s a good idea to wash the curtains just as regularly as you wash the bedding! This won’t just help to keep them clean, but it will also ensure they last longer too. When you’ve invested in a high-quality pair of curtains from a company such as Swift Direct Blinds, it makes sense to look after them to protect your investment.

Clean the furniture once a week - It’s a good idea to clean all of the furniture in the nursery, including changing tables, the cot, and drawers. With changing tables, you’ll want to wipe the padded topper each time you’ve used it though of course. Depending upon which material it’s made from, you’ll also want to wash it once a week too. Cloth padding can easily be washed in the washing machine, but vinyl toppers should be hand cleaned with dishwasher liquid.

Be sure to clean toys - Babies and toddlers may be cute, but they can also be full of germs. This means any toys they regularly play with are sure to contain a high level of bacteria. Cleaning the toys frequently, particularly when your little one is sick, will ensure germs are kept to a minimum. Consider investing in more machine-washable stuffed toys and plastic toys which can be easily soaked and wiped clean. Ideally, you’ll want to clean their toys once a week.

Overall, keeping your child’s nursery clean does take a little effort, but it provides great peace of mind that it’s safe and hygienic for your little one. And the tips above will help you to ensure the nursery is clean and tidy with minimal effort.

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