How to Give your Home a New Identity


Our homes are just like us. They change over the years, and their character can either grow or dissipate depending on how they are treated. It might be that you’ve moved into a home for a discounted asking price, and now you wish to put your mark on it. Or it could also be that you wish to improve your home valuation before a sale in the future, so you’re deciding to implement changes now to ensure the sale goes smoothly.

No matter your reason, giving a home a completely new identity is not only worth it, but can be completely enjoyable too. And with the advice below, you should find this easier than if you had started from scratch!

Give it a Name
Simply giving your home a new name can resurface it's identity, especially if you honour what it might have been in the past. You may decide to name it ‘The Forge’ to honour why a listed building was constructed in for example. Of course there are many different measures of naming your property, and you might do so for many different reasons. But a name can often change the identity of something - especially when you have mail delivered or give your address. This might be the cheapest and easiest thing to implement here.

Plan an Extension
An extension can be a wonderful thing to build. It can skyrocket the value of your home, and make use of the properties free space. A conservatory, an entire length of the home with two floors, or even connecting your building to an outside area can all be worthwhile, and might give you a project to take care of for some time. This can truly help your home take on a new identity.

When you have decided what on your plans, submitting them to your local authority is the next important step. Once these are approved you will need to book the professional services needed - it can be worth finding the most professional and cheapest builders waste removal service you can find, in order to ensure the build goes quickly, smoothly, and as cleanly as possible. Then you just need to wait for the construction to complete. Before you know it, you’ll have the extended dream home you always wanted, and when you come to sale, you might even make your money back again!

Decorate the Exterior
Of course you might not want (or be allowed to make) such drastic changes. Instead, decorating the exterior of your property can make a big difference. Painting the window arches and frames, or painting the property walls can add character. Or even painting the front door a new colour gives your home life! Planting a trellis or perhaps arranging hanging baskets can also help provided they are changed at an appropriate rate and cared for. Changing the trimmings can have a great effect, all while being fun and much cheaper to implement.

Landscape the Garden
Hiring professional landscapers to come and make the most of your green space, can ensure the front and back of your property both look fantastic. It will also make the space more likely to be used to it's full potential. You could of course manage the garden yourself too if you're a keen gardener.

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