The Siblings Project | March 2019


I'm not going to lie, three little ones aged 5 and under can be incredibly tough sometimes - especially now they are three little people, not two and a baby! Getting anything done on time is becoming especially tricky, let alone getting all three to look at the camera and not run away (hence why this post is almost two weeks late..).

But of course there are so many wonderful moments too, especially now that Lilah is developing her own little personality. She is developing such lovely bonds with Indiana and Parker now, and I can really tell how much she misses them being around when they're at school and preschool. I can tell she has an extra soft spot for Parker though - most likely because he's around her a little bit more than Indie. She loves to give him huuuge hugs and lots of kisses, and I can tell her absolutely loves it too.

The big two however, are still in the rather exhausting 'love / hate' relationship stage. They both tell us how much they miss each other when they're apart, but argue and wind each other up constantly when together. Thankfully most of the time when we're out somewhere, like the park of soft play, they are best friends again. I just wish they could keep it up when at home - and I reallllly hope Lilah doesn't get involved as she gets older. Help!

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