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In honour of National Kite Flying Day (February 8th), we were kindly sent a Kitedrone Twinstar kite from Character Options, to try out and review. I had never flown a kite before and neither had the Littles, so we were all so excited to get out and test it out.

Kitedrone offer the ultimate range of high performance kites. Available in two types (Aircraft and Twinstar), they have been designed to be super-easy to assemble, as well as easy to launch and fly. We received the Tiki Surfers Twinstar kite, and I am happy to say it was definitely both of those things!

The kite comes in it's own storage tube, which makes it easy to transport (and also protects the kite from being damaged while out and about or in the car). And assembling it was simply the case of attaching the four rods to form the traditional box shape, and then the line to the outside. The design is simple but effective, and can even be hooked up to a Go-Pro to record your flight!

It took us a couple of attempts to get the kite into the air - you have to keep the line short and taut as you launch the kite, and then give the line a light tug to get the kite flying. But once we had perfected the method we were up and away! As we've had such strong winds recently I was worried we would lose the kite at one point, but it held up really well. Jack and I just made sure to hold onto the spindle extra tight while the Littles were having a go.

The only tricky part of flying the Kitedrone Twinstar kite, was getting it to come back down! It easily flies up to 300 feet in the air, but then you've got to wind it back in once it does - an even harder task when it's super windy out. This definitely wouldn't put me off using it again though, as we had soo much fun flying it!

Twinstar kites are available in 4 colourful designs Tiki Surfers, Hot Rods, Unicorn and Fort and can be purchased now for just £29.99 each. They are aimed at children aged 5+, but are a perfect family activity, especially during these March winds!

We received this kite in exchange for our review. All opinions are honest and my own.

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