5 Reasons to Use a Steamer When Cooking


If you're anything like me, then you know how easy it is to fall into the trap of cooking the same meals every week. It's completely understandable that after a long day looking after little ones or work, that you want to cook something easy and familiar (that you know everyone will eat!). For those that do want to start experimenting more though, did you know you can cook new meals and still relax after a busy day with the help of steamer? Here are 5 reasons why a steamer could be a great addition to your kitchen.

1 - It's a much healthier way to cook
One of the best things about using a steamer is that it is a really healthy way to cook. No matter what you’re making you don’t have to add any oils in order for them to cook properly, ultimately reducing the number of fats you’re eating in your diet! Of course won’t take away the fat from things that are naturally fatty, but it will help you avoid adding any unnecessary extras. This guide on how to use a steamer can help explain more.

2 - It's easier and minimum fuss
If you prefer to make meals that are easy (and require very little effort), then using a steamer is a great option! For most items you can simply throw them into the steamer, and leave them to do their thing.

3 - It can be quicker
Although this won’t apply to every meal you cook in a steamer, the majority of the time it can be much quicker. Whether you’re steaming veg or cooking rice, the effects the steamer has can reduce the time by up to half! Perfect for those days when you’re in a rush and need a speedy meal.

4 - You can create almost anything
Okay so you can't cook everything in a steamer, but there are so many different things you can cook! From fish and shellfish to mains and desserts; to find some inspiration on what to cook you can visit this guide here.

5 - It helps keep your kitchen clean
One of the best things about using a steamer, is that they help keep your kitchen tidy! Often you have to use several different post and pans for one meal, but with a multi-level steamer, you can cook everything in one easy-to-clean place. How clever is that?
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