5 Ways to Help Wedding Stress and Anxiety


If you are getting married soon then you will understand what a big event it can be. You may feel as though there are endless things that you need to plan in order to make your big day go smoothly, and that you are constantly under pressure. This is of course completely normal, but there are a couple of things that you can do to try and help.

Anticipate your Anxiety
Think about the big day - which moments are going to give you the most anxiety? Make a list of all of the things that you are worrying about most, and try and quickly tick a few off. For example, if you are nervous at the thought of having a first dance, then you don’t need to have one at all! You don’t even need to have a speech either. Of course both are traditional, but if it is going to add more stress to your day then it’s just not worth it. 

Make Decisions
When it comes to your wedding, it’s so important that you are decisive. You need to compare options and you also need to make those all-important decisions too. Make sure you are making decisions based on what you want, and not to please others too. At the end of the day, it's your wedding not theirs!

Don’t Compare
It doesn’t matter whether your wedding is smaller than your friends, or whether Susan on the school un had a nicer dress. What matters is that you are happy with the decisions that you have made and that your wedding reflects your personality.

Choose the Rings Early-On
If you don’t choose your wedding rings early on, then you may run into various issues further down the line. You may find that the ring that you want is not available when you go to order it, or even that you have to wait for your correct size to arrive. Having the rings ready early on will tick another point off your wedding planning list.

Have a Contingency Plan
One of the main reasons why people get stressed about their wedding is because of the money it costs. You need to remember that the only thing that you need to have is the wedding certificate. Everything else can be made as elaborate or simple as you want it. It’s very easy to go over budget when it comes to the big day, so make sure you have a back-up plan if you need a little extra cash for something. Or be prepared to not have certain items if you simply cannot afford to spend anymore!

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