Kittie Lacey - The Fairytale Hairdresser | Simple World Book Day Idea


With Indiana now in Reception, this was our first real year of World Book Day celebrations and excitement. I was secretly dreading it; expecting her to come out with a crazy costume idea, or wanting one of the expensive ones from the shop.Thankfully though, she decided she wanted to be a character from one of her favourite book series' ever - Kittie Lacey from The Fairytale Hairdresser.

The outfit was soo simple and easy to do but also looked really effective and fun. And most importantly of all, Indiana loved it! So I thought I would share how I put it together, whether it's for World Book Day or simply dressing up fun.

So, to be Kittie Lacey you will need:

  • Blue t-shirt
  • Jeans / Dark blue leggings 
  • Brown belt
  • White boots / shoes
  • Pink hairspray or a pink wig
  • Hairdresser accessories - scissors, brush, bag, etc
  • Fairytale Hairdresser book to take with you!

I found it a little tricky to find a plain blue tee in the correct shade, but eventually found this one in the boys section of Next (£3!). Of course any blue t-shirt will do though! I then used blue jeggings that Indiana already had, and used one of my own brown belts. I didn't want to buy white wellies to only be worn once, so her white converse did the trick for shoes (although I think white boots would have looked more like the character).

For the pink hair I bought pink coloured hairspray from Poundland (obviously £1!), but next time I would maybe get two cans - one can wasn't enough to make it really pink. I probably wouldn't advice using hairspray if your child is dressing up during the week though - we're still a little pink tinged a week later! You can easily pick up a pink wig on Amazon relatively cheaply instead. 

And finally to complete the outfit, Kittie Lacey of course needs her hairdressing equipment! I actually raided the toy box for these bits, as Indiana already had a pretend doctors kit and styling kit with scissors and a hairbrush in. But you could just use what suitable bits you had at home already. Simple!

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