Easy Homemade Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and while your partner is probably ensuring your little one has something wonderful planned for you on the day, it's also important you stop to think about your own mum too.

While you may be sending a card and flowers, or even taking her out for some Sunday lunch or a mid-week afternoon tea, she’ll probably be bowled over with a little surprise from her grandchildren. It doesn’t have to be something expensive (a ‘made at home’ gift always goes down well in my experience). You can even make it an extra big surprise by having it delivered by the likes of Parcel2Go, so she doesn’t even know it’s coming.

But what to make? I've made a list of the best (EASY) homemade gifts to create this Mother’s Day. They’ll also provide you with some great quality time with the kids, so it’s a win win really!

Everyone loves photos don’t they? However now that we have our phones on us 24/7, we never get photos printed out. So for Mother's Day why not create a scrapbook, which you can fill with an array of photos (of course plenty with your mum herself in them), and then decorated by the little ones. Or you could pre-buy a frame, add in some of the best grandma and grandchildren photos, and then decorate the outside with paints and lots of other arts and crafts bits. Either of these is sure to go down a storm.

Homemade Decorations
Get extra creative with your little ones and create a little salt dough decoration. Salt dough is super easy to make, and you can put hand and footprints into the dough to make wonderful keepsakes, or even use a pre-made cutter to create hearts and stars. Once they’re made, you and your children can sit and decorate them with paints and glitter to make them really special. Don't forget to date and name them on the back, so you can remember how old your little ones were when they were created!

Candles or Plant Pots
Of course you can pre-buy the candles, but how about making the container? You can buy the glass holders (or recycle ones from your old candles), but the next step is where it gets extra crafty. Get paint that can be used on glass and get decorating with your little ones to make fabulous candle holders. You don’t have to stop at candles - with the addition of some soil and a cactus or a succulent plant, these glasses will make fabulous little plant pots (you can even add artificial ones if needed). These will be long-lasting special gifts, that I'm sure she'll cherish forever.

What are your easy homemade gift ideas?
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