How to Have the Best Summer as a Family


I'm hoping we'll have another heatwave summer this year, but we're more than likely to have our usually average UK weather with plenty of rain... Either way, there are school holidays to think about, at least a few beautifully warm days, and of course the enjoyment of Bank Holiday weekends.

And though we may have had a glimmer of what is to come this summer; thanks to the freakishly warm February we had. I'm sure I'm not the only one who isn't that prepared for the months ahead. But there is no time like the present to start making plans and preparations. And this post is going to share the best ways we can prepare for the summer, and the joys it brings!

Your Home
Whilst most summer days are spent outdoors, you still need to make sure your home is able to cope with the heat. Luckily though, there are a number of things that you can do to your home to ensure that is it ready for the months ahead.

Often when the hot weather hits (like the crazy heatwave we had last year), your home can become unbearably hot. This is when you may want to think about getting some air conditioning units fitted, or even investing in portable options. If you do have air-con already, it's a sensible idea to think about booking an ac repair, to ensure that the system is in good working order before you need it. Of course if you cannot afford air conditioning, there are still many ways to keep your home cool - airing your home first thing in the morning and at night can keep the cool air circulating, as well as keeping curtains drawn so not to overheat a room during the day.

If you have young children, getting out in the garden is always going to be something that can easily please them (and be perfect for you!). Now is the time to start thinking about any preparations you can do in your garden to get it ready for the summer. Does the lawn need some TLC? Do you need to clear away the debris of winter (fallen leaves and last years abandoned items)? Or maybe even giving it a little makeover, so it's ready to be used come the summer? Getting the garden ready now means that it is ready and waiting to be used once the weather gets better!

The School Holidays
One of the biggest aspects of summer for families is of course the long summer break from school. This is a chance to step away from the rigid routine that school puts you in, and allows a little more relaxation on those summer days. Of course not every parent enjoys the summer holidays - it can actually be very stressful if you have to work. So if this is you, it's definitely worth thinking about holiday clubs and childcare options now - definitely do not leave this too late!

While the summer holidays may feel overwhelming at first, if you plan you can often avoid the worry of what to do (and avoid the boredom that can set in quite quickly). It isn’t always about expensive days out, and you don’t always have you have to go somewhere either. Pinterest is full of crafts and ideas you can easily do from home!

Mixing the cheaper days with the odd expensive day trip out can help you spread the cost. There are many family websites online that cover each local area. They are usually updated quite regularly, and will tell you about local events and free activities going on. Website like Groupon are always worth looking at too, as they have a whole range of fantastic deals, that can keep holiday costs down.

Plan a Holiday
Whether that is staying in the UK or heading off abroad somewhere, summer is the perfect time of year for a family holiday. If you do want to go away as a family, then you may want to think about when is best to book that holiday. Usually the earlier you book with package deals and the cheaper they can be - although sometimes you can find some amazing last minute deals. Booking early also gives you more time to save and plan for the trip too.

This is a collaborative post.

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