5 Common Mistakes New Dog Owners Make


It is clear to see that we are a nation of pet lovers, and this is especially true when it comes to dogs. However, being a caring owner isn’t just about treats, cuddles and games of fetch, there's actually a lot to consider before getting a pet. To avoid potential pitfalls new pet parents should freshen up on their dog know-how and hopefully this post will help, as I share 5 common mistakes to new dog owners make, so you can hope to avoid them. 

Not Being Ready for a Pet
One trip to the pet store or animal shelter will prove that it’s pretty easy to adopt an animal on impulse. That said though, there are some practical decisions that you should make in advance. Make sure to answer the following questions:

● Can you invest the time needed for training and exercise?

● Are you willing to put up with shedding and messes?

● Have you checked if you can afford all the costs of owning a dog?

● Is the breed’s size appropriate for your home?

● How will your current pets (if you have any) tolerate the new addition?

Ignoring Training and Socialisation
At the very least, every dog requires some basic training and socialisation to get along well with others. Don’t think of it as a chore, in fact proper training can be incredibly fun and enriching for you and your pet. Socialisation also helps your pup avoid developing certain fears and phobias.

Feeding Improperly
Do you know the basics of an appropriate dog diet? Not all foods are actually created equal! There’s a significant difference between highly-processed commercial kibble and natural raw dog food, for example. Complete raw dog food diets are made up of ingredients such as meat, bone and healthy fats without any additives, preservatives or filler grains. Local suppliers such as Bella and Duke offer custom raw dog food meal plans tailored to the individual needs of your pup. In addition, they ship each meal to your door for free.

Other dog food factors to consider include:

● Feeding times and avoiding overfeeding

● Health risks associated with treats and chews

● The importance of regular dental care

Ignoring Behavioural Problems
Ignored behavioural problems can quickly get out of hand. New owners might also reinforce bad behaviour in their pets without knowing. Giving an aggressive or hyperactive dog treats at the wrong time tells them that they’re doing the right thing, for example. Remember that behaviour modification - not punishment - is the solution.

Risking a Lost Dog
Many dogs end up lost on a daily basis, and some are even taken by opportunist thieves. Have you considered implementing any measures to protect your pup? There are a couple of simple solutions, such as keeping your dog on a lead, not leaving them unattended and providing a collar with your contact details. Microchipping can add an additional layer of safety, or if you're worried about that being too invasive, you can try a GPS collar instead.

Of course there are other mistakes that are worth consideration. For example not budgeting for expenses, neglecting exercise needs, skipping heartworm prevention and forgetting about dental health. Remember, bad breath is not normal for dogs! Paying attention to these factors will go a long way in helping your dog stay happy and healthy. Good luck!

This is a collaborative post.

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