5 Ways to be a More Unique Bride


Only a handful of brides are willing to break from the conventional bridal appearance to do something different. While it is important to give your appearance that classic touch on your wedding, it also pays to be yourself and allow your unique style to shine forth. But the millennial attitude to wedding wear is changing, with more brides abandoning off-the-peg wedding gowns and going with more fashionable and red-carpet-worthy dresses instead. 

Being a modern bride entails abandoning the established norms and going with a bold appearance that showcases your personal style. This could be avoiding a veil, wearing a suit, choosing flats over heels, or going with a shorter skirt. In this post I'm going to share 5 different ways you can be a more unique (but still absolutely beautiful) bride.

Choose the Right Wedding Dress for YOU
Most brides spend a lot of time picking out the perfect wedding dress, and of course I definitely think this exactly what you should do. But make sure it's the perfect dress for you. Don't just pick a dress because your bridal party thinks it's the one you should go with either, make sure it's the one that makes you feel the best. Try on lots of different styles (including the ones you might not usually go for), and get ready to 'say yes to the dress'.

Forget the Veil
A veil has always been a traditional part of the bridal appearance, but it is okay if you do not feel like wearing one. A birdcage veil or a bejewelled bridal headpiece are perfect substitutes for a veil, or just simply pick a wedding hairstyle that makes the statement for you. If you feel you need to wear one, you could always opt to wear one just for the ceremony, and pick a hairstyle that won't be ruined when you remove it.

Think About your Jewellery
Don't feel the need to wear a diamond set handed down through generations if its not your style - remember, it's your wedding day not your relatives. A simple piece of wedding jewellery makes an excellent pre-wedding gift from a groom or bridesmaids, so why not incorporate something like this into your big day. And if big diamonds and pearls are your thing, go for it!

Don't go for a White Gown
Vera Wang, the queen of bridal couture, has shown that wedding gowns in non-traditional colours can still be dazzling on a bride. Let her be your inspiration for a coloured wedding gown. Blush, pinks, black, and red wedding dresses are available from most bridal stores. 

Or Don't Wear a Dress at All
If you want a timeless appearance that doesn’t include a wedding dress, a chic jumpsuit is a perfect choice. The elegant ivory jumpsuit from Roland Mouret is designed with a tailored bodice and very wide legs best suited for a statement heel. This jumpsuit retains the charm of the traditional wedding gown whilst being much more comfortable and simple. 

Whatever you decide for your wedding day, just remember that as long as you feel beautiful, that is all that matters. Everyone will think you are the belle of the ball whatever you wear!

This is a collaborative post.

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