Christmas Gift Ideas for Boys | Christmas 2020


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I am so excited to be talking about all things Christmas again! It's definitely my favourite time of year, and I feel it's especially important to have something to celebrate with everything that has happened this year. I am sharing 3 gift guides this year, and this second guide focuses on gift ideas for boys aged 2 and up.

Family Games are always a big winner in our house - Parker would play them all day if he could! So of course I had to include some new games in my guide this year.


Perfect for a family games night, Sketchy is all about quick drawings and simple pictures so your team mates can easily guess what they are! One player picks a card at random and slots it into the 'Sketchyscreen', they then have 30 seconds to sketch 6 simple pictures so their team members can guess. The unique part of the game is that when the Sketcher draws on one side, the team can see it appear on the other side. Suitable for ages 8+, the game retails at £20 and is available at most good toy retailers.

Windy Knickers

A fun game for little ones aged 4+, the aim of Windy Knickers is to hang out all of your washing before your team mates do, or before a storm hits and granny loses her clothes in the tornado! The rules are really  simple and easy for a young child to pick up, making it a great addition to the games cupboard. Windy Knickers retails at £20 and is available at most good toy retailers.

The Floor is Lava

I'm sure like many others, our children have been playing The Floor is Lava with sofa cushions for a long time now. But introducing the game to save your furniture! The box contains everything you need to turn any floor into a play space for the game, including challenge cards to make the game even more difficult. Aimed at children aged 5+, the game retails at £15.

Stomp Rocket Junior Glow

A perfect gift for little ones with bundles of energy, the Stomp Rocket Junior Glow will provide hours on entertainment and fun. It is lightweight and easily portable, so easy to use out and about (or simply in the garden if you are lucky to have enough space). The rocket kit comes with 4 foam rockets that can soar up to 100ft into the air if the stomper creates a big enough jump, and the extra special part of this design is that the rockets glow in the dark too! Suitable for ages 3+, this kit retails at £12.99.

Techy Gifts from Buzz Toys

If your child is into his tech, then this selection of gifts from Buzz Toys will be perfect for them this Christmas. The Air Ball is a floating football that can be played on most surfaces (wooden floor, laminate, marble and even thin carpet). A great way of playing football indoors in a safe way, without any damage to the house - especially perfect now the weather has changed! The Wall Racer is a gravity defying car that can be driven up the walls and even onto the ceiling with just a flick of a switch. Aimed at children aged 8+, the car charges directly from the remote and can provide hours of fun. A perfect gift for gadget-mad boys would be a mini drones. Buzz Toys has both the Micro Jet and the Thunder Glow - the Micro Jet is a small size plane that can fly vertically at 3 different speeds, and the Thunder Glow is a medium sized drone with LED lights all around it.

Puzzles Cars

I remember my younger siblings having these Puzzle Vehicle Tracks when they were younger, so it's so lovely to see they are still around as I know my three will love them! The set contains 16 pieces the can be combined in different ways to make up to 50 different track combinations. This set is based on the City of London and features some iconic landmarks, along with a bright red London bus and accessories to play with.

John Deere is a recognisable name, so it's lovely to see they now have a toy brand alongside so wannabe farmers of the future can play. The Build-a-Buddy Bonnie set contains a tractor and trailer that can be taken apart and then put back together with the included screwdriver. The toy also features free rolling wheels so is perfect for free car play too! The best bit about the range is that the parts are interchangeable between sets, so there's hours of fun to be had if you have the whole collection (or even with just the one). Suitable for ages 3+ and available from most good toy retailers.

Victoria's Torton Tales Book Collection

Books always make a fantastic Christmas gift, and this range called Victoria's Torton Tales are so lovely. All of the steam engines in the range are based on real-life engines, and Victoria herself is actually owned by Wendy Wakelin, the author of the books! The are currently 4 stories in the range, that tell the tales of Victoria and her fun travels, as well as a fun and colourful Learn to Count version too. With engaging stories and beautiful illustrations, they would make the perfect gift for train-mad little ones this Christmas.

Oribel Vertiplay Wooden Wall Toys

This version of the wooden wall toy is a fun click-clack style track. Your little one can pop the caterpillar at the top, and watch him zig-zag down the track and interact with the included accessories. Vertiplay toys stick on most vertical surfaces, so are perfect for younger children who are learning to stand, or for smaller play spaces, as they increase play area with a more unique interactive experience. Don't worry about mess though, as it's easy to attach with the included self-adhesive backing (which is also removable and reusable). A great engaging toy for little ones aged 2+, available from many retailers, including Kiddies Kingdom.

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