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When it comes to interior design certain areas of your home can be tricky to fill, often leading to them becoming a wasted potential space. But call in any expert and they’ll tell you that there’s a fabulous solution that will revolutionise your home - corner wardrobes. 

Made to fit, they will literally take care of all your unused alcoves, and can be beautifully built to add a touch of class to any interior. In fact, if you enlist the help of a skilled carpenter, a corner wardrobe can transform your room into something quite spectacular. And if you're still not sold, then maybe the below points will get you on board.

You Can Get Creative

Commissioning a corner wardrobe allows you to order exactly what you’re looking for. From lifestyle requirements and functionality to final aesthetics and size, it’s entirely up to you. Choose from a range of stylish doors, sleek handles, colour options and bespoke finishes to make sure that your final product blends seamlessly into your home’s existing interior. And if you're a parent who has toy baskets overflowing, why not custom make some corner space for toy storage too?

They Make Use of Unused Space

There are many places in a home that seem impossible when it comes to furnishings. Under the stairs and lofts are perfect examples, and almost always come with sloped ceilings and awkward angles. But whatever the issue, it’s no match for a corner wardrobe. Because they’re made to fit any space to a tee, you’ll be able to turn ridiculously impractical nooks into fantastic storage solutions with no hassle at all. Have a look at the wide variety of luxury corner wardrobes by FCI to get a feel for what’s out there. 

They're Easy to Accessorise 

Just because they’re in a corner, doesn’t mean you have to abstain from all the bells and whistles a fitted wardrobe has to offer. In fact, whatever you can dream up is 100% possible. Don't create a full length wardrobe so that you can add a lamp, candles or a vase on top. Or Have them 'floating' so you can add a potted plant underneath. There are so many options!

They Add Value

Any home refurbishment is guaranteed to add value to your property, especially a contemporary fitted corner wardrobe. Storage space is always highly valued by potential buyers and is often an incentive to put in a decent offer. So should you ever decide to put your house on the market, it’s a worthwhile investment.

Are there any points you would add?

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