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27 Week Pregnancy Update | Baby #2


I still cannot believe we're at 27 weeks already, the final week of the second trimester (not that I've felt any glow or burst of energy yet haha). Baby is the size of a cauliflower at nearly 875g and more than 36cm. He can now open and close his eyes and sleeps and wakes at regular intervals - mainly awake when I'm trying to sleep haha.

I'm writing this post from my bed again as last night was another night of being up sick - I think this pregnancy is definitely trying to kill me, as before being pregnant I hadn't been sick in years! I'm feeling better than I did so hoping it was just a one night thing!

Apart from that it's been a pretty quick and normal week. I've noticed my braxton hicks have really increased and I'm getting at least one a day now. Nothing painful but if I'm sat scrunched up it's getting harder to breath as there's just no room in there!

I have absolutely zero energy left any more either. I'm practically in bed by 9pm every night and asleep within minutes haha. I'm finding sleep pretty good for the time being as I'm just so tired I can sleep for hours! I've also been lucky enough to be sent an amazing pregnancy pillow to review (that'll be up next week), and I've found it's really making a difference.

I'm hoping for another quick week as I'm excited to see my midwife again for my 28 week appointment on the 20th! Although I'm sure it will as it doesn't seem like a week ago I wrote my last update!


  1. Ahhh it's going so quick!!! You look fab lovely! Hope you are feeling better soon!! Great you've been getting good sleep, I'm very jealous!! Xx

  2. Omg as if its 27 weeks already! Eeek! Have you thought of any names yet!? xx

  3. This pregnancy is going quicker than mine! I feel like you'll catch me up if you go any quicker, because I feel like I'm slowing right down. Sorry to hear you're feeling poorly and tired. I'd happily go to bed at 9pm every night. Oh, if it's the same company who sent you one like they did me, and if you picked the same one.. it's amazing. Massive, but amazing.
    Midwife will come round quickly. I'm absolutely bricking it now. I've got 3 appointments next week, the week after is my c-section pre-op appt and then the week after that he's here. Eek! I can't wait to meet your little dude xx

  4. Ah sorry to hear you've been sick. :( I've not been sick, but I've felt poorly this week at 33 weeks and had absolutely no energy. I'm in bed by 7.30pm usually just after Ethan goes to bed, hehe x

  5. oh poor you. Being sick is awful. I'm like you it comes after years and I hate it! Hope the pillow helps and get as much sleep as you can. Time is flying xx #maternitymondays

  6. Wow time is flying isn't it? Sorry to hear you have been poorly, no fun at all but yay to the pregnancy pillow helping you sleep! Thanks for linking with #MaternityMondays

  7. Sorry to hear you've been sick, Worst thing ever!
    As much as I loved some aspects of being pregnant, I don't think I ever got that 'glow' everyone talks about haha.

  8. Awww you are getting so close now! Third trimester! EEG

  9. Oh no, sorry you've been so sick - pregnancy and sickness is the worst :( Ha! I was convinced my pregnancy with Noah was going to be what saw me was so bad!! I convinced myself I was carrying some kind of devil child lol! It'll all be behind you soon lovely and you'll have your lovely little blue bundle to snuggle! :) x


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