Lascal Maxi Buggy Board | Review


Indiana is coming up to 2.5 now and recently has really enjoyed walking when we go out. When Parker was born we opted for a double pushchair - with a 20 month age gap, me walking lots as I don't drive and Indie just being a bit lazy, it was the best choice.

We realised though we were using the second seat less and less, and most of the time didn't bring it at all. Indiana still can't walk too far though, and as we didn't take the second seat Jack ended up carrying her a lot. We needed an alternative - somewhere for her to rest when she was tired, but not be on the buggy all the time. 

The Buggy Board by Lascal ticked every box, so we've been testing it out over the last few weeks! We opted for the 'Maxi' version as it's to fit onto our iCandy Peach 3, and we felt the larger board would be better for Indie who is still quite young. They do have a 'Mini' version which is better suited to umbrella style or smaller pushchairs.

The website has a HUGE list of prams and pushchairs (including doubles!) that the board fits. It's designed to fit 99% of buggies, and even if you don't find yours on the list it'll most like fit (just pick the closest one to yours) - I would check with your pushchairs brand just in case though. There are videos and full fitting instructions on there too which I found really handy when it came to fitting the board!

The fitting I did find a little fiddly and took me some time. There instructions aren't too clear, and I found that I had to change things around a few times to get it to work. Once I worked it out though it was SO simple, and I couldn't believe I found it tricky.

Now the connectors are on it's so simple to use. Simply click the board into the connectors and you're away! I love that the board can be hooked up when not in use too, as it means that Indiana can't just jump on when she feels like it, but the board is there when she needs it.

When walking I never feel as if the board is in my way, it's small enough that I don't kick it, and it's just as if it wasn't there. I do have to have the handle higher to make room for Indie, (which is luckily so simple to do with our pushchair), but I've got used to it now. Indiana also absolutely loves that she can interact and be so close to her brother, a feeling definitely mutual with Parker.

The board can be used when the seat is up, reclined, with a carrycot or even if we wanted to use the pushchair as a double again (amazing!). Of course it does make the pushchair harder to push but the ride is smooth and comfortable for Indiana. And honestly it feels like a breeze to push compared to pushing a double pushchair!

The board does makes turning slightly harder, and be careful when going up and down curbs - I usually tell Indiana to get off for these. Also be wary of going backwards with the board attached. We've found the wheels spin and then lock - stopping the buggy from moving at all! Again this is fixed by Indie getting off, but it caused a few problems when coming out of lifts.

Overall though we have been loving our Buggy Board. Of course we'll still use the double for long days out, but for day-to-day use and quick trips out, it's making our lives so much easier! Indiana loves going on 'her scooter' as she calls it, and I have a feeling the only problem we're going to have is getting Indiana off of it haha. The Maxi board currently retails at £65 and can be purchased from Amazon and many other retailers.

We were sent the Buggy Board for the purpose of this review, however all opinions are honest and my own. Some links are affiliate links which means I receive a small percentage if you purchase through this link. 


  1. This is the board we have for James! He loves it! Had it a few months now and have actually mastered going backwards with it!

  2. We loved our Lascal buggy board - literally life changing! x

  3. I love the idea of a buggy board. Mine were all to old when these we out #TriedTested

  4. I'm thinking of getting one for my daughter when this next baby arrives. I checked the website though and it says the pram only partial folds with the connectors attached so I am unsure what this means. Looks like Indiana enjoys it though.

    1. Oh weird! Might just be your buggy? Mines folds normally with them on :) x

  5. I have used a Lascal Maxi for years now - when I had my second baby and again when Eliza was born and Max needed a ride sometimes. They are so fantastic, and much easier to handle than a double buggy! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested


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