Parker's 8 Month Update


Wow, 8 months! Where did the time go beautiful boy? Every month I read Indiana's updates from the same month. Not to compare but just to see how she was, as honestly I have completely forgotten. Every month I'm then blown away how similar they are with their milestones and development. They are SO similar it's a bit scary!

Parker is the chunkier of the two though. At 31 weeks he weighed 18lbs 3oz - so goodness knows how much he is now. He fits nicely in 6-9 month clothing, although some bits are 9-12 (Primark and Zara always seem to come up small). He's in size 4 nappies during the day and size 5s at night as he seemed to be leaking; thankfully that's stopped though.

This month has been huge for Parker. He's changed SO much and really is a different little boy to the one we saw a few months ago. It may sound silly, but he's just so happy now. He doesn't wake up crying, but will happily play in his cot shouting 'da da da da' until we go get him. He will actually sit and play and keep himself amused instead of crying to be picked up after a few minutes. And the biggest change of all is that he is finally sleeping!!

We both decided some of these changes were because of his eating. We have been doing baby led weaning for a few months now, but it was only a few weeks ago he properly started swallowing, and now he just doesn't stop! He eats as much and sometimes even more than Indiana, and is very vocal that he loves his food haha.

Our routine has been refined now he's eating and sleeping so well. He's up around 7am and has 8oz of milk, followed by breakfast around 7.30/8. He has a morning nap anytime between 9 and 10am which is usually an hour. Lunch is at 12/12.30 and I usually try and get him to have an afternoon nap around 1ish with Indiana (double nap days are my favourite days haha), which can be anything between 1 and 2 hours. He then has another 8oz between 2 and 3pm and dinner is 5.30pm. He's then in bed at 7pm after another 8oz bottle (although this is a very hit and miss bottle). We are still dream feeding him at 10pm, but I'm not sure if he needs this out of habit, or whether it's still one he really needs! He then sleeps through until morning - sometimes waking for his dummy.

Milestones this month include learning to pull himself up, climbing, getting up on his knees (hopefully we'll have proper crawling soon!), putting in his own dummy (that's a good one for during the night haha), and waving! He gives slobbery 'kisses', sleeps on his tummy mostly instead of his back and absolutely loves playing and giggling with his big sister.

I'm so happy I get to stay at home with my two now. I was back at work at this age with Indiana, so it's going to be amazing to never miss a moment with Parker! 

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  1. Parker is adorable! It is so lovely to be able to compare upates and see how they are individuals in their own right.


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