The Siblings Project | April


After last month's worry with Indiana's behaviour towards Parker, things have really improved this month! She's been extra loving and always wanting to play with him. The second I go in to get them up in the morning, she wants Parker to snuggle in her bed with her, and is always very concerned if they don't go for their afternoon nap at the same time!

Unfortunately Parker's at that 'I'm just going to destroy every game / toy you're playing with' stage. Indie's then still in the 'I'm not sharing' stage (does that ever end?! haha), so that's probably the only time these two fall out. It doesn't last long though, as Parker's usually off onto the next toy soon enough!

We've had so many lovely days out and adventures this month! I love nothing more than watching these two play and giggle together. They had their first joint trolley ride together (above), which although didn't last long, fascinated Parker!

Everything Indiana does seems to capture his attention these days. She just has to talk to him and he gives her his biggest cheesy grin! He's even started clapping when she talks to him too, so clearly he likes what he's hearing haha.

The Me and Mine Project


  1. Oh Emily, they are just so adorable. What a cute smiley little pair. And I think they do gradually learn to share better (or at least not destroy) with time... but still only when it suits them. My big two can be sharing beautifully one minute and then screaming and fighting over the same toy two seconds later. x

  2. They are so cute. My youngest has finally stopped destroying all of her sisters games but that phase sadly lasted a while x

  3. And why should she share her toys with the new boy?! 😉 Your two are the cutest together xx

  4. Oh they are so cute!! And I know exactly what you mean about the destroy everything phase - we're definitely in it with Pip, mostly out of curiosity, but it's the one time he gets proper glares from his sisters!!

  5. Ah these two are just the cutest! My two have had a turn for the better too this month yay! xx


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