6 Fun Gender Prediction Tests {Baby Number Three}


I am now 16 weeks pregnant with our third little baby, and getting more excited as each day passes, to find out who this little one is! We already have a little girl and a little boy, so this time there's not a gender we're secretly hoping for. But in a weeks time we will finally know. Eek!

There are soo many old wives tales, and gender prediction tests you can do at home to try and guess your baby's gender. So of course we thought we'd give them a go!

Nub Theory - GIRL

On your nuchal scan (12 week scan), you may be able to see a little 'nub'. This is said to determine whether baby is a boy or girl, depending on the rise. I will admit I have no idea what I'm looking for. But after popping our scan in a couple of Nub Theory groups, the majority of the 'experts' guessed early girl. Apparently there's still time for the nub to rise, but I'm going to go with girl for this test.

Chinese Gender Chart - GIRL

The theory behind this test is that your age at conception, and the month of conception, can determine whether you'll have a girl or a boy. Different charts work it out differently (apparently it's your lunar age, not your actual age?). But for this we also got a girl result!

Baby's Heart Rate - GIRL

If you're lucky enough to hear baby's heartbeat at scans or your midwife appointments, you can try this one out. A heart rate below 140 BPM indicates boy, and above 150 BMP indicates girl - between 140 and 150 is a bit of a grey area, but hints more towards girl apparently. We found baby's heart rate which was in the 150s, so another girl result!

Wedding Ring Test - GIRL

I don't think you necessarily need to use your wedding ring, but as we're now married we thought we'd give this one a go. You pop your ring on some string and hold above your bump / belly. If the ring goes in circles you're having a girl, and if it goes side-to-side you're having a boy. We tried this one about four times, and each time it went in huge circles. Big girl result!

Red Cabbage Test - GIRL

This one is a bit yucky as it involves your wee, but we still wanted to give it a go. You have to chop up a red cabbage (we did half) and then boil it for around 10 minutes. You then use the water from this, and mix it with your wee. If the colour stays purple or blueish baby is a girl, and if it turns pink or red you're having a boy. The cabbage water didn't change for me, so another girl result for this test.

Baking Soda Test - GIRL

Again, another yucky one with your wee.. but the final test we tried. You pop a tablespoon or two of baking soda (or bicarbonate of soda if you're in the UK) in a glass, then add some of your wee. If it fizzes / bubbles then you're having a boy. If nothing happens at all, then you're having a girl. I'm not sure if this one ended up going right, as I don't think I used enough wee. But there was absolutely no reaction, which points towards girl again!

I know these tests are just a bit of fun, but our results were pretty unanimous! I still have a really strong gut feeling, that this little baby is a boy though. I'm craving salty foods, and this pregnancy feels so similar to Parker's. I guess we'll find out next weekend!

You can see Jack and I trying out the tests in the video below.


  1. I love this! We didn't try any of them, though I often thought about doing so x

  2. Wow that's a pretty unanimous result! Are you going to be finding out the gender beforehand? I didn't do any prediction tests whilst I was pregnant. Someone guessed and got it right both times - they guessed girl based on how I looked.

  3. I've never heard of half these tests. So interesting that they all said girl, but you think boy.

  4. The only one I'd heard of previously is the wedding ring one, some of those sound very weird, esp the cabbage one! Fun to do though!
    After two boys I was convinced I was having another one and along came my daughter 😀

  5. Ah wow! Quite a strong result for girl from these! I tried a couple but ultimately my mothers intuition has always been right x


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