Finding out we're Expecting Again... {Baby Number Three}


Writing this post back in May, I had no idea whether it was ever going to be published or not. It was VERY early days. I'm so glad I managed to type down my initial thoughts and feelings though, and I can still feel that adrenaline I felt just reading it back.

I also just want to say I hope this post doesn't come across as me sounding smug, or 'in your face'. I feel extremely blessed that we are expecting again, and this was just my initial thoughts.


Typing this it is the 9th of May. Parker is sleeping upstairs, and I'm trying my best to stay awake; absolutely exhausted. You see, I'm currently estimated to be 4 weeks and 5 days pregnant. But no one knows about our little baby secret just yet. I don't even think I believe it.

But I just knew.

We decided we wanted a third little bundle a few months ago. Picking April / May to start trying - not properly, but to 'see how it goes'. I've been off of any contraception since Parker was born, so I know my body well, and we didn't want to put too much pressure on ourselves.

A few weeks after my last period I started feeling strange. I rarely get ovulation / period symptoms, so I just knew this meant something. Aching boobs, stomach cramps, drinking more and then subsequently needing the loo a lot more... and my goodness the exhaustion! Having two little ones feeling tired is kind of standard, but this was on another level.

I just knew.

May 7th (just as Jack left the house) I took a First Response test. I couldn't even wait the 3 minutes, and I watched it as the line developed from an "is that something?" to an "oh my goodness, I'm pregnant!" kind of line.

I knew it!

May 8th I had the confirmation I needed. Pregnant 1-2 weeks on a Clearblue Digital. Anyone else feel it sinks in more seeing the words instead of a line?

I know it's still early day. And I know that anything can happen. But we are just so excited.

Please stay sticky little baby bean.

We are so excited to meet you already!


  1. Congratulations to you! What an exciting year ahead!

  2. Eeek I know ive said this a billion times already but so happy for you all! It seems like you were just destined to be a family of five! Especially now you have your new house as well, this is going to be such a good year for you my lovely xx

  3. Aww fantastic, congratulations! You don't sound smug at all, just very very happy and excited! X

  4. Ah congratulations! Those first few weeks are terrifying aren't they!?

  5. I can't wait to live vicariously through you now!!! Congratulations guys, can't wait to see baby number three.

  6. congratulations!! everyone i know is expecting at the moment and is making all broody haha


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