Parker's 23 Month Update


I'm in complete denial that our beautiful baby boy is turning two in just a few weeks time. Just where has this year gone? On the other hand though, I do often forget that Parker isn't a lot older. That he's really still very young, especially compared to his big sister who he completely idolises.

Parker now speaks in sentences a lot of the time, and has amazing knowledge and understanding. He can ask (it's more demand.. but the manners are getting there) when he wants food or a drink for example. And if his drink is empty, he'll tell us and ask for more.

I love that we can communicate with him so well, however it's not always such a good thing. Because he knows what words mean, he'll happily use them. If we pick him up for a cuddle and he isn't feeling it he'll shout "stop it daddy/mummy, put me down!" - which is both hilarious and bloody cheeky!

Parker is so different when it comes to development in comparison to Indiana. He's always been more active and prefers being outside doing things (climbing, jumping.. being adventurous), whereas Indie was always more into learning.

He does sit and play a lot more than he used to, but toys and books don't keep him amused for very long before he's off to the next activity. He is slowly becoming interested in colours and numbers though, so I'm not at all worried. And honestly it's just as lovely to watch him explore and grow! He's happiest when running free so I have to make sure I get him out and about at least once a day, to burn off some of his energy.

Speaking of energy, he's getting plenty of that! Parker has been absolutely loving food this month, and eats basically everything we give him. He's still an absolute pasta monster, which is fine by me as I sneak in so many veggies this way.

This month Parker is loving playing in the garden, buses / lorries / diggers, ice lollies, Ben & Holly, cuddles in mummy and daddy's bed and all the food!

This month Parker is hating spiders (if he sees one he squishes it!), nappy changes, not going in the bus - he gets seriously jealous if you go on one without him!, and lay ins!

I cannot believe the next update I'll be writing on him will be his TWO YEAR update. The end of the monthly updates, and the progression into full-on toddlerhood... I'm not ready!

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