The First Trimester {Baby Number Three}


You'd think by now, seeing that this is my third pregnancy, I'd remember what the first trimester is like. But my goodness, did it really hit me again!

I am so thankful to be pregnant, but the first trimester really isn't all that exciting, and it's definitely not all sunshine and rainbows. It's tough. It's exhausting. And it's a pretty worrying time too.

I made notes for each week, so I'll just share a little roundup in the post. However I have filmed weekly updates, from finding out we were expecting, up to our 12 week scan. So If you want to get a proper in-depth look into how I've felt each week, make sure you pop over to our channel to catch up with these.

Finding Out / 4 Weeks Pregnant

* Aching breasts
* Achey stomach / period pains / cramps
* Really thirsty
* Peeing more
* Kind of feeling pregnant?
* Watery CM
* Moody / Irritable
* Tired


You can read about my initial 'finding out' reaction here.

5 Weeks Pregnant
* Excess saliva?
* Really hungry
* Strong sense of smell - Jack's protein shake makes me gag!
* Very tired 
* Gassy and bloated

Positive Clearable Digital (1-2 weeks pregnant)!

6 Weeks Pregnant
* Headaches
* Very achey breasts (bigger and darker nipples)
* Very bloated already
* Burnt easily
* Cramping
* Up and down emotions, either moody or really happy

Pregnant 2-3 on Clearable Digital!

7 Weeks Pregnant

* Craving savoury foods
* Strong sense of smell
Pregnant 3+ on Clearable Digital!

8 Weeks Pregnant

* Started feeling nauseous and had a churn stomach
* Feel sick in the evenings
* Exhausted!!
* Not interested in food (but still get hungry and have to eat as soon as I'm hungry!)
* Hair getting greasy quicker  

Early Scan at Babybond - dated back to 7+3 but saw heartbeat and all looked well!

9 Weeks Pregnant

* Horrible taste in mouth - doesn't go away when I eat or have a drink
* Generally feeling yucky!
* Constipation :(
* Very hormonal and moody!

10 Weeks Pregnant

* Trapped wind and still constipated!
* Had my booking appointment
* Heatwave - really hard, sleeping with fan, just too hot!

11 Weeks Pregnant

* Still constipated!!
* Food aversion - meat (particularly chicken)
* Sleeping better now it's cooler although waking to wee / drink in the night
* Headaches!!

12 Weeks Pregnant
* Headaches
* We had our scan! Baby was all well and we heard the heartbeat.
* Bump is very difficult to hide now!

This pregnancy has definitely been my toughest so far. Although I haven't been physically sick, the nausea, extreme exhaustion and headaches have been awful. I've also been the most anxious I've ever been, and despite having two scans I'm still worrying now. I think that's probably more so because it still doesn't seem real!

My next update will be at 14 weeks, which is already not too far away. 

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