A Trip to the Pumpkin Patch | Pick Your Own Pumpkins, Ashford 2017


If you scroll through Instagram at the moment, it will most likely be awash with crunchy leaves, conkers and all the orange pumpkins. Not ones to miss out, of course we had to visit a pumpkin patch again this year - especially as we had so much fun last year!

There are a number of patches popping up over the South-East now, however as we had such a good experience at Pick Your Own Pumpkin in Sevington (Ashford) last year, we knew we wanted to head back there. Due to regulations they have switched fields this year, but the experience was exactly the same. Just remember if you're using a Sat-Nav that it will only take you to the house, so just keep an eye out for the orange flags to find the actual pumpkin field!

We arrived around 10.30am and managed to grab a couple of wheelbarrows easily, despite it already being pretty busy. By the time we were leaving an hour later though, there weren't any at all - definitely something to consider if you've visiting over half term.

Before we could even walk a few metres all the littles were busy collecting pumpkins. Big ones, white ones, tiny ones, and lots of unusual squashes too. I think our wheelbarrows were full within about 5 minutes! It was so much fun though, and I'm so pleased we decided to start this little tradition.

With all the pumpkins we could possibly need collected, the littles spent the rest of our visit running around exploring the field. They found wriggly worms, icky squashed pumpkins and even a squash in the shape of a rugby ball! The wheelbarrows were put through their paces too, with literally wheelbarrow races - probably the littles favourite part of the day!

Despite the field being busy, it didn't feel as if we were on top of anyone at any point. There were definitely enough pumpkins for everyone, and we didn't struggle to find the perfect ones for us. The prices at Pick Your Own Pumpkins are also really reasonable, with tiny ones starting at £1 and huuuuge ones costing only £4 each.


  1. That sounds like a great pumpkin patch and it looks huge. The prices are amazing. There seems to be hardly any near me in Essex, there is only one people are recommending on local facebook groups

  2. That looks like a seriously good field for pumpkin picking! I need to schedule in some time to go to our local one this year as the kids absolutely loved going last year! x

  3. Oh I adore these photos!! I love this time of year so so much! xo

  4. Looks like a great place to go! You was lucky with the weather too :) x

  5. Those pumpkins look amazing and so much fun too.

  6. Aw we are yet to visit. It looks like lots of fun. I might take the kids over the half term I am sure they would absolutely love it! Lovely photos xx

  7. Looks like a great family outing.


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