Barbie DreamHorse Doll and Horse | Review


Now Indiana is getting older, she's getting into more 'grown up' toys. She loves to role play and can spend hours in her own little dream world, making up stories with her toys as she goes. So when we received the Barbie DreamHorse to review, she was absolutely over the moon - "Mummy, thank you sooo much!" were her words if I remember correctly!

The Barbie DreamHorse comes with a Barbie doll (all geared up for a horse-riding adventure), 3 accessories, and a beautiful white horse, which is actually Barbie’s most interactive pet yet! It reacts to touch and sounds, and features more than 30 realistic reactions. And if I'm honest, I'm not sure who's had the most fun playing...

The horse is really interactive and could provide hours of fun for little ones. When in it's normal mode it can walk along by either the press of a button, or by touching or speaking to it. If you tap it's left side it will turn left, the right side will turn the horse right, and tapping the horse in the middle will send it forward. You can also call the horse from either side to change it's direction too.

The horse also has a fun mode, where it will play 3 different songs and 'dance' to each one (it's more of a nod motion). It can also nuzzle if you stroke it's neck, nod yes or no to questions and my favourite interactive feature, is that it will 'eat' the provided bunch of carrots when you put them in her mouth! Overall I've been really impressed with the amount of features the DreamHorse has.

I will say that the horse can be a little too sensitive at times, and the sound feature means it can end up walking all over the place. You also do need to make sure it is on a completely flat surface (it won't work on carpets), as otherwise it will easily topple over. We have also found that even with very delicate, or even no brushing, the horse's hair does fall out really easily.

Indiana absolutely loves the Barbie DreamHorse though, and I think it will be one she'll continue to play with for a long time. She loves that the Barbie can sit on the horse, and has enjoyed playing with her separately a number of times too.

The Barbie DreamHorse retails at £89.99, and I think it would be a fab toy this Christmas.

We received this product in exchange for our review. All opinions are honest and my own.


  1. This looks like a great toy for Barbie fans. My little girl is just starting to get into them and I think she would love this too. Indiana is getting so big & grown up! Xx

  2. This would of been my dream toy as a child!!! Fab review xx

  3. Agree with Lamb & Bear - would've loved this as a kid, Barbies and horse riding were my life! x

  4. Fab review, this looks amazing! Sophie is really into Barbie at the moment, so I know she would love this too! X


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