Newborn Wishlist for Baby Number Three


The closer we get to the third trimester, the more I start panicking about baby buys. Luckily though, with this being our third baby, we already have a lot of the bigger items. This has meant we've had more money to play with when it comes to the not-so-essentials, and more 'luxury' items.

I've put together a little wishlist of items I would love for this bump. Some we are so thankful to have been gifted to review, and some are just my dream buys. So here's my newborn wishlist for baby number 3!

Baby Blankets - I absolutely adore these ones from Joolz! The pink is beautiful, and as this baby will be born in January, I know she'll definitely need a snuggly blanket. We've got lots of basic ones, but this would be a perfect pram blanket.

Wrap / Sling -  Baby wearing will definitely be my best friend with two other littles to run after! We still have our Close Caboo that we used with Parker, and I am soo excited to use it again. We've been gifted a couple of different styles for this baby which Jack and I are both excited to try.

Pushchair - We still have (and use) our iCandy Peach that we bought when expecting Parker. We've bought the newborn carrycot for this baby though, as we won't need it to be a double. I've never had a carrycot before, so I can't wait to have a newborn in it!

Co-Sleeper - I've always wanted a co-sleeper crib, as they just seem so much easier for nightfeeds, and making baby feel close to you. We have been sent the absolutely beautiful Knuma Huddle co-sleeper for this baby. What's even better is that it's also multi-functional It can be used as a co-sleeping cot, a stand alone crib, and once it is no longer needed as a crib it can be converted to a desk and bench!

Swaddles - We never used swaddles with our two little ones, but I've always heard how much better babies sleep being swaddled. We've been gifted a couple of different styles for this baby, including the GroSwaddle.

Sleepsuits - An absolute essential for a newborn (and beyond). Sleepsuits are comfortable and easy to change, especially compared to little outfits. Next sleepsuits are my favourite - not only for the quality but for the beautiful designs.

Muslins - Although we still have plenty left over from Parker, I don't think you can ever have enough of these! P is still attatched to his now as comforters (and he's two!), so we've got baby girl some of her own. These ones from Little Blue Nest are so soft and I love the designs.

Moses Basket - As I've mentioned Parker is only two, so we both agree we need somewhere safe downstairs to put baby. A moses basket is not only safe but comfortable for baby to sleep in too! I love this one from Moba - so clean and classic looking.

White Noise Machine - The second I saw the Whisbear that my friend had for her little boy, I knew I wanted one for bump! It's a fab white noise toy that can attatch to a crib or pram, plus it's also rather clever as it has a cry sensor too.

Swing / Bouncer - I absolutely love the look of this clever glinder from Graco - it combines both a swing and a bouncer, as well as playing music and having stimulating toys, for when baby is a little older. I love the neutral colours too!

Sleepyhead - This is another item I've lusted over, even before I found out we were pregnant! The Sleepyhead Deluxe Pod would fit in the Huddle, and is meant to really help with sleep. I've heard amazing things, so I 100% want to try one with this baby.

Breast Pump - I am determined to have a successful breastfeeding journey this time, although I would still like baby to be able to take a bottle for a number of reasons. The Medela is one of the best breast pumps on the market, so I'm hoping it will help with pumping and bottle feeding when we do decide to introduce one.

Have you tried any of these products? What was your newborn essential?

I have received some of these items in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own

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  1. I loved our co sleeper for Frankie. And I so want the Whisbear too. So excited for you darling xxx


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