Second Trimester Essentials {Baby Number Three}


I cannot believe I'm 28 weeks into this pregnancy, and now into the third and final trimester. This pregnancy is going by so fast! Back in July, I created a list of essentials I couldn't have lived without during the first trimester. So I thought I'd create a similar list for the second trimester - things have definitely changed in these last few weeks!

Longline Vest Tops - These have been my wardrobe staple over the last few months for a number of reasons. Firstly, they are long enough to stretch over my ever growing bump as well as my bum (perfect as leggings have been my bottoms of choice too!). They're also easy and cheap to pick up in stores such as Primark, and fingers crossed they'll last throughout the last few weeks of this pregnancy too!

Deep Freeze Pain Relief Patches - I have been suffering from back pain from quite early on in this pregnancy, so these have been perfect. They're drug free and oh so easy to just pop on, making them great for pregnancy aches and pains.

Theraline Nursing and Maternity Pillow - Thankfully sleep hasn't been too bad at the moment, but maybe that's because of this bad boy. I was kindly sent the Original Theraline Nursing Pillow to try and it's been perfect for helping me comfortable at night. The filling means it can be moulded into whatever shape you desire while still being stable. It's really lightweight too, so I don't feel as if it's a burden to have in bed with Jack and I.

Maternity / Nursing Bras - I've actually been in nursing / maternity bras from very early on, but most people find they don't need to until the second trimester (especially as your breasts grow and change so much in those first fews weeks). I cannot believe I stuck with underwire bras in my first pregnancy - maternity bras are life!

Bubble Baths - As I've got bigger, and everything has been busy growing and stretching during the second trimester, an evening bubble bath has been just what I've needed! Adding a cheeky Lush bath bomb or bubble bar of course makes it 100x better too.

Love Your Bump Bando - Although I did have to buy quite a bit of maternity wear this time around, I did manage to stay in lots of my pre-pregnancy clothing with the help of my Bando. Made of seamless, stretchy material, the Bando is fab for covering the gap between your bottoms and your tops as well as giving bump a bit of support too! I was kindly sent the white version, but it comes in black too.

I'm so excited to experience these last few weeks of pregnancy, especially as this is most likely going to be my last! I'll of course write up my third trimester essentials when the time comes though.

What were / are your second trimester essentials?

I received some of these products in exchange for my review. All opinions are honest and my own


  1. Eek cannot believe you are in your third trimester already! Don't judge but I still wear my maternity bra's now because they are just so comfy :)

  2. I loved looking at these kind of posts when pregnant! Bubble baths were definitely the saviour of both my pregnancies xx

  3. Ah wow, onto the home stretch! I couldn't have been without my maternity bra and bath bombs when I was pregnant with Benjamin last year x

  4. Pregnancy pillow and bubble baths when I have time I totally agree with. Great post Emily :-) x

  5. Oh I have a scheduled post similar to this. I think these posts are a godsend! Lush bombs are amazing and Deep Freeze! And I really think I should invest in a bump band. Saying that with only 7 weeks left... not long for you either. xx

  6. Anonymous25/10/17

    These are wonderful items for mamas to be... I remember baths were so soothing when I was pregnant.Shell

  7. Wow how fast is your pregnancy going? Some really good products here, love the bath bombs they are definitely a must for that pampering evening. And deep freeze, they saved my bacon with sciatica so I totally recommend them.


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