3 Ways to Make your Household Less Wasteful!


In recent times, more and more of us have been becoming more mindful of the value of living low-impact, environmentally friendly lives - especially as the horrors of our past are now coming to light. Years of burning of gases and creating crippling amounts of non-degradable plastics, have taken such a terrible toll on our planet. There is still time to make a change though, and to make improvements one step at a time. Here are just 3 ways to make your household a bit less wasteful.

Install eco-friendly smart devices
There are plenty of smart devices on the market today, that utilise innovative modern technologies, in order to streamline and optimise the way you do things in your home. One you may not have thought of investing in is a water softener systems for the home. These can reduce running costs as well as help preventing such as limescale damaging your appliances. You may find that you use less water for things like showers, as the water will leave your skin feeling softer and more supple by default.

Bring less Plastic in your home
It's likely that wherever you live you'll be able to shop in a way that helps accumulate less plastic. For example you should be able to buy certain groceries such as fruits, vegetables and even pastas loose (as opposed to wrapped in plastic packaging). This is maybe a little bit less convenient, but it is certainly more environmentally friendly - and may even support a small business while you're doing so! Depending on what's available in your local area, you may even be able to get almost all of your groceries plastic free from somewhere like a farmer's market, an authentic butcher's shop.

Set up your own self-sufficient, eco-friendly systems
If you want to take the whole eco-friendly ethos a bit further, and make forays into the world of homesteading, you could always investigate setting up your own self-sufficient, eco-friendly systems in order to get a bit more "off grid." For example, you could have your land surveyed to see if you're above an aquifer, and if you are you could have a well drilled down. You could also set up some solar panels if you happen to live in an area that gets a decent amount of sun. Even something as simple as growing your own vegetables will help - and it ties in nicely with bringing less plastic into your home too!

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