5 Mistakes to Avoid when Choosing your Wedding Dress


One of the most important parts of many bride’s wedding day, is that moment when their groom sees them walking down the aisle. When everyone gets to see 'the dress' that you spent so long deciding on and keeping secret. So it's not wonder that for many women, wedding dress shopping can be incredibly stressful.

You of course want your dress to be memorable for all of the right reasons, but with so many gowns to choose from, it can be tough to get it right. So, if you want to really wow at your wedding, here are 5 key mistakes to avoid when buying your wedding dress!

Ignoring the Experts
Of course it’s your wedding, and you want to recreate the fairytale that you have in your head, but remember to take advice from others too. There are lots of excellent bridal consultants and dressmakers out there, who will have a really good idea of which shapes and silhouettes will work for you.

Not Considering the Wedding Ring
Most brides (and grooms) spend time weighing up the pros and cons of particular wedding rings. Should they choose rings with VS clarity diamonds, or go for something plainer? Will it match her other jewellery? It’s rare however, for the bride to consider whether the ring will match her wedding dress! You don't want a huge ring just to get overshadowed by an even bigger dress.

Doing it Online Only
Of course there’s nothing wrong with buying your wedding dress online, but it's usually best to do so after you have tried a few dresses on in real life. This will help you to get the right size and style to suit you, and even give you more ideas!

Ditching your Style
Whether you have a classic or quirky style, it would be foolish to leave it behind on your wedding day. Embrace your own style and choose a dress that is completely you, even if it isn’t what’s expected. You'll feel far more comfortable and beautiful if you pick the style you love.

Expecting a Massive Weight Loss
So many women determine that they will lose weight for their wedding. But if buy a tiny dress to reflect your goals, you could potentially end up with a dress you can’t fit into. Anything can happen between buying your dress and the big day, so don't put any extra stress on yourself. A dress can always be altered smaller!
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