5 Ways to Make your Home Feel Bigger!


Most homeowners wish they had a bigger property, but unfortunately very few have the funds to make this dream a reality. But there are things you can do to make the best of what you already have! Planning and preparation are vital if you are going to make this work though, which is why knowing which ideas to follow is key. Here are five of the most effective ways to make the home feel bigger and better.

Extend or Convert - The most obvious way to make the home feel bigger, is to increase the physical dimensions of the property. Converting the attic or building an extension is a great way to either add rooms or make existing rooms feel bigger. Garage conversions are also a cheaper alternative that can add a new living space to your property.

Avoid Clutter - A thorough de-cluttering session will instantly make the home feel bigger. Just make sure to follow this up in the right way though. Reducing your household waste, opting for paperless bills, and using modern tech to avoid wires can all play a positive role. By cramming fewer items into the home, you will naturally have a greater volume of floor space to enjoy.

Use Smarter Design Ideas - It’s very easy to trick the eyes into believing that more space is available. Using shelving instead of bulky display cabinets is a great starting point. Similarly, creative uses of window film can section off areas of a room, while still promoting natural light. Incorporating light colour schemes, mirrors, and geometric shapes can also offer a similar affect.

Revamp the Garden - A well-designed garden space can bring a whole new dimension to your property. Building a deck or constructing an annex can completely transform your home for the better. Get it right, and you’ll also have the perfect venue for hosting friends and family on those long summer evenings.

Make Floors Look Free - There are many ways to create the perception of added floor space, as the idea of shelving already shows. Other ideas are to choose chairs and tables with raised legs that allow you to see the space underneath. Fixing your TV to a wall can be another fantastic solution. Similarly, using table ornaments and plants rather than the floor alternatives can be an effective solution too.

A bigger looking home won’t suddenly feel perfect, but it should give you far greater opportunities when trying to get the look you truly desire. You may find you had your dream home all along, you just needed to give it the attention it needed!

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