The Siblings Project | April 2019


We're half way through the Easter Holidays now, and amazingly we haven't had nearly as many arguments of bickering wars as I thought! This was most likely helped by Jack being home last week, and us actually being away on holiday. Everything is much more relaxed on a holiday right?

We had such a lovely time away though. It was definitely what we were all craving after busy weeks of school / work, and not much family time. I could tell Indiana needed a bit of down-time especially; the actual learning and work she's doing at school seems to have increased loads in the last few weeks! And Lilah absolutely loved having everyone at home with her to play with (although she wasn't so keen on sharing all the toys).

These photos were taken on our visit to Dunster Castle, and although the fake smiles are out in full force, I love them anyway! Indiana is looking SO grown up, Parker seems to have finally had a growth spurt (he's almost as tall as Indie now), and Lilah just looks super sweet in her little yellow wellies. And just look at the girls in their matching coats... how did I get so lucky?

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