6 Easy and Simple Tips to Save Time on Chores


Chores are a necessary part of life, and if you are anything like me then you will want to get them done as quick as possible, so you can get back to the things you enjoy doing! Here are some top tips to get your jobs done fast, but also to a high standard - so you can kick back and relax.

Divide Tasks and Share with Family Members

Create a list of chores that need to be done in the house, this could be anything from hoovering to doing the washing up, and assign these to each family member. This way everyone contributes equally and you aren’t left doing all the jobs yourself. It can also give younger family members a bit of responsibility, which is a great skill to develop. 

Organise your House to Make the Chores Easier

Aim to organise the house based on a 'traffic line' of daily life. For example, put the laundry basket near where you take off your clothes, and make sure this is in an area close to the washing machine, so you don’t need to carry laundry across the house. This can help to keep tasks as efficient as possible, as time spent wandering around the house searching for things isn’t productive (or fun)!

Get Reliable Equipment

Don’t waste your time cleaning up the floor with a broom and dustpan – grab your hoover, which can get the job done a lot quicker and won’t miss any pieces of dirt! Similarly, make sure to purchase good quality kitchen tools such as induction pan sets, in order to prevent food sticking to the pan, as this can take forever to scrub off. Using the right equipment at the right time can save you so much time and energy.

Preparation is the Key

Cooking is one of the most consuming tasks that we have to do every day, so make sure you do as much prep work in advance to save time. After your weekly shop, try to cut everything that you will need and store it away in batches in the fridge or freezer – this way when it comes to making the meal everything is ready to put straight into the oven or frying pan! Why not pre-prepare evening meals in the morning, so that all you have to do during the evening rush is re-heat the food and serve. 

Keep your Space Clean

Having an organised and tidy space will not only make you feel as though you are on top of everything and prepared, but it can also save you time. It is easy to misplace or lose items, therefore putting everything back into its original place once you have used it will make it easy to find and save you a lot of hassle!

Stop Limescale Creating more Work

Limescale build-up and dried-on water marks can add significant time to your chores. For those that live in a hard water area, this can be a constant battle on two fronts, both in the kitchen and in the bathroom. So how do you cut out the time-consuming scrubbing and scraping? Well, the best way is to stop limescale from getting into your home in the first place with a water softener. This will remove the minerals from hard water that causes limescale, freeing your shower screen, taps, surfaces, glasses, appliances, any shiny surface and more from unsightly residue and build-up. Saving you time cleaning and money on descaling products.

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