Fab End of Year Gifts for Teachers


A lot of parents now mark the end of the school year by giving their children's teachers a present to say thank you for caring for, and supporting them, throughout the academic year. A thoughtful small gift can go a long way, and are a great way to demonstrate your appreciation for the work they do. A meaningful and thoughtful gift can go a long way in expressing your thanks, and it will also be something that they are able to cherish and remembers for years to come. The ideal gift doesn't have to be expensive or flashy though, in fact gifting luxury items can put pressure on other members of the school community. So here are 4 fab end of year gifts for teachers you could give.


Why not give your teacher a chocolate gift, such as a selection box filled with all of their favourites? Almost everyone loves chocolate, so this is a safe bet if you are unsure what to get! They can keep chocolate for any occasion, so they can indulge on the sofa watching a movie on a rainy day in summer, or save and snack on in the staff room between lessons. Just make sure you check for any dietary requirements for getting edible gifts, as some teachers may have allergies or intolerances.

Personalised Cards or Gift Cards

Getting a card with a handwritten letter inside thanking them for their time and efforts this academic year could be an easy, inexpensive way to say thank you to a teacher. It's nice to let your teachers know that you appreciate them going above and beyond for your child, and that they have learnt a lot during their lessons. For that extra-special gift, you could even sneak in a gift card for their store or restaurant!

Teacher Survival Kit

If you are feeling creative, why not make a hamper kit to gift with all the teaching essentials that they may need for the upcoming school year. This could be anything from new pens, highlighters, staples, a pencil case, and a large box of coffee! Not only are these really helpful presents that are definitely going to be used, but it will also save your teacher a bit of money when it comes to replacing classroom essentials the following year. 

Holiday Items

Now that school is over and your child’s teacher is prepared to take some much-needed time to rest and recover, why not buy them some summer necessities they can use all summer long? How about some sunglasses, a picnic blanket or even tote beach bag. It could be a good idea to find out where their favourite store is so you can buy the items from there for the extra personal touch.

What gifts do you give to your children's teachers?

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