Indiana, You are Three...


To my beautiful Indiana,

Happy birthday pickle! Today you turn 3...

Three whole years since you came into this world and made me a mama.

Three years since you turned daddy and I's world upside down. Turning us from carefree teens into responsible adults.

There are no words to describe how much we love you little lady. Watching you grow from that chubby little baby, into the beautiful girl we know today has been simple amazing. And boy, have you grown!

Okay, so you're still little just like mummy. But just like mummy you're full of fire and sass. Determined, bossy, and still our little madam. But also the loveliest, cheekiest, brightest little girl I know. I know you are going to simply thrive at Preschool!

Watching you blossom this year in your role as big sister has been my favourite thing of all. The love you have for Parker makes me so proud. I know you'll always be there for him - even if it's to fight off someone else so you can steal the toy first! He's your biggest fan and I hope you two continue to be the best of friends.

So happy birthday baby girl. Enjoy your big day (I bet you're thrilled with your pink scooter, you lucky thing), and we hope you have the best party tomorrow with all of your friends.

Just one thing though, please stop growing up so fast!

All my love and biggest kisses,

Mummy xxxx

Ps, you owe mummy a huuuuge hug, she was crying her whole way through writing this for you xxx

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