Parker's 15 Month Update


When I look at Parker these days I find it hard to believe he's only 15 months old. He's such a grown up little boy now, full of mischief and cheekiness. He's got great understanding and communication skills too - we thought Indie was a chatty baby, but he just doesn't stop!

A little update on his stats:

- 12 to18 (and some 18-24 month) clothing
- Size 5+ nappies
- Size 5 shoes
- 10 teeth - 4 at the bottom, 4 at the top and his two top molars
- He had his very first haircut!


- Sleeps 7pm - 7am (wakes between 6 and 7am for a bottle)
- Two naps a day at 10am and 1/2pm
- Two bottles a day of cows milk
- LOVES food and has 3 meals a day (usually more than Indie eats), plus two snacks

Parker has developed so much in the last month. He really understands sequences and day to day life. He knows if we mention shoes he's going out - and will wait by the door to leave. He knows if I have a nappy in my hand what's happening - and will giggle and run to hide. He responds to commands and usually does what you ask him.

His speech is still improving, and he is a non-stop chatter box! He can say:

mummy, mama, daddy, dada, nanny, nana (Indiana), doggy - and woof, quack quack, down, stuck, up, uh oh, wow, nummy (dummy), Peppa - and snort like a pig, no, shoe, grandad, are you (where are you) and I love you <3

This month he has been loving snuggles, reading, playing with Indie, running wild and free on holiday, daddy, brushing his teeth, discovering his willy (parents of boys send help with this one!), and The Twirlywoos. He's hated being told off for being extra cheeky, not being allowed to join in and nappy changes.

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