Third Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls


I still cannot believe that I'm almost a mama to a three year old. When did that happen?! The jump between 2 and 3 has seen a huge shift in the types of toys Indiana plays with. She's not as interested in the 'baby' toys, and now prefers to prefer with more grown up things - small figures, role playing, actual games, etc.

I've put together a list of things we've bought for her this year. You may notice a lot of pink girly things, but that's not because I'm stereotyping. Indiana has just been very vocal in demanding a pink scooter - and I wasn't going to say no!

I first came across Orchard Toys games through my sister, as she bought them for my nephews. Every product is the perfect balance between education and fun, and I know that Jack and I are going to enjoy playing them just as much as Indie.

Like I mentioned above, Indiana was very clear when it came to what present she wanted this year. "A pink scooter with a helmet and a bell" - so we've got her just that! We opted for the Deluxe Mini Micro Scooter as I preferred that the handle was height adjustable, and it is designed to last longer.

We've asked aunties and uncles to provide the accessories, as she can't scoot safely without them. Helmet, tassels and a bell. She's going to be sooo happy when she wakes up!

Indiana's current favourite TV show is Paw Patrol, so we have got her some smaller bits from the toy range. These action pups feature their special backpacks which I think she's going to love. Her favourite is Marshall so of course we've got him - she's going to be so excited!

Despite loving Paw Patrol, Indie still has a huge soft spot for princesses. She already has the Rapunzel toddler princess doll, so we've got her the Elsa as well. She loves role playing with dolls - brushing their hair and singing and dancing with them - so I think this is going to be another hit!

We haven't gone overboard this year, and where her birthday falls at the end of November we've managed to get most presents in the toy sales! I think she's going to be over the moon with her gifts though.

What does your three year old love to play with?


  1. Can't believe she is three! Micro scooters are fab we got j one for his second birthday and he plays with it daily. Hope she has a fab birthday xx

  2. Great gifts - I'm sure Indie is going to love them!

    We got Alexander a scooter last year, just a cheap little one, in the hopes of upgrading it to a Micro scooter this year (as I was hoping for him to scoot to preschool come next year), however he is kind of scared of the scooter! Sadly!

    I hope Indie has a lovely birthday - crazy how fast time flies. I can't believe Alexander is 3 now either!

  3. OOO love Orchard toys, we use them at work all the time as like you said they're learning but fun. Thank god I saw this as we've got Noah a scooter and it totally skipped my mind to get him a helmet! I hope she has a lovely day :)

    Fab gifts! xxx


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