The Siblings Project | November


Am I cheating if I tell you these photos were actually taken in October? It was after last month's Siblings Project, so I'm going to go with it anyway! These two had so much fun on our family holiday in Norfolk, and although these photos aren't the best, they loved the beach. 

It was Parker's first proper beach experience, and Indie was being the best big sister showing him exactly what to do. Teaching him to dig in the sand and build castles. Showing him how to be 'King of the castle' and how to do the best sand angels. It was just so lovely to watch. Exactly what I imaged when I imaged having two little ones.

The rest of the month has been relatively quiet. Well, not actually quiet. But you know what I mean. We had a family trip to the dentist, where Indie showed her lovely big sister skills again - getting Parker to open his mouth, and even practising with the mirror herself.

The last few weeks have been tough with Parker and his teeth. Indie's been fantastic though and not really bothered that he's been getting extra attention. When he cries she gives him kisses and brings him his muzzy - she is very persistent, even when Parker is screeching trying to get her off of him!

We're still having a bit of a problem with sharing. But now Parker is actually starting to fight back it can get pretty heated - Parker will have something. Indie will decide she wants it. She snatches. He then screams and grabs until he gets it back. Repeat a million times a day...

Thankfully most of the time the two of them get on really well. They actually play together a lot of the time now, which makes my life a whole lot easier. Parker is definitely in good hands with Indie at his side. Watch out future girlfriends is all I can think. Indiana is one very protective big sister!

The Me and Mine Project


  1. These are gorgeous in their little suits. I love the pop of pink! Oh the joys of sharing and snatching, we seem to be coming out the other end of this now Holly is a bit older, thankfully. I love that she is a protective big sister, what every brother needs x #thesiblingproject

  2. They look like twins in these photos!!! So adorable! Sharing is an issue here too sometimes. And sssh, dont tell but mine are from October too lol #Siblings

  3. She sounds like the perfect big sister and it looks like a great beach day x

  4. I know the feeling, my two fight like cat and dog most of the time! Fab photos x


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