Wizarding Fun at Church Farm Rare Breeds Centre, Stow Bardolph


You honestly cannot beat a visit to the farm, and we absolutely loved our visit to Church Farm, Stow Bardolph - thank you Alex for the suggestion! Located just 10 miles south of King's Lynn, Church Farm has a variety of rare breeds you can get up close with, adventure play, activities to enjoy and lots lots more.

We visited during half term where they had a wizarding fun event running, making our visit extra special! There was a Hogwart's Express made completely out of hay bales, wand and hat making as well as wand lessons, and you could even play a game of quidditch! 

My two were a little bit young to join in most of the activities. Indiana loved making her sparkly wand though, and I'll be honest and say I wish we joined in the quidditch match.

We did enjoy everything else on offer though! The littles loved petting the animals, an experience Parker had never had before - he's animal obsessed so I think it was his favourite part of the day.

The little pens only had a few animals inside, and had a ropped off section where the animals could go. So I wasn't worried that the animals were overwhelmed by the littles being there.

I think everyone's favourite animals though were the pigs and their adorable piglets. They were soo friendly and came straight over to check us out - nibbling on Jack's shoelaces and my trousers. I don't know who was squealing with excitement most, the little piggies or Parker!

After a gorgeous lunch from the Tea Room we headed over to the play area. Both kids loved the trampolines - and they could go on them without me worrying as they have them set into the ground, genius! 

As well as the standard play equipment they also had ride on tractors (peddled and push along for different ages), a hay barn to play in, a sand pit and a football pitch. Not forgetting the lovely indoor play area - which has a gated under 5s areas complete with books, baby equipment and train tracks to play with.

Next to the football pitch is the start of the tractor ride! It's £1 per person, but definitely worth the extra money. When we first got on I thought it was just going to go on a quick route. It lasts a lot longer though, taking you past more animals and even stops for the little ones to feed the pigs!

There was so much to see and do at Church Farm, especially for the price you pay. When we first arrived we were worried there wouldn't be much to do, but we were honestly surprised. Just the soft play alone would be worth a visit!

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