Chartwell | Days Out With The National Trust


This year we decided we wanted to get out and about more, and spend less time doing nothing, or wasting time shopping! With how rubbish the weather has been though, it's been so hard to do so. Luckily it seems like we may be getting a Spring after all, so off we went last weekend to explore a new NT property.

Chartwell is located in Westerham and was once home to Sir Winston Churchill. It features forest walks, beautiful gardens and of course the house itself. We didn't actually make it into the house this visit as we just didn't have time, but from looking at pictures it looks lovely.

We started off our visit with a quick pit-stop at the cafe - it took us ages to leave the house so actually arrived at lunch time haha. We picked up a couple of sandwiches and a kiddy lunch box for the little ones. You won't be surprised to hear they were VERY expensive, and I really wish we brought a picnic instead - lesson learnt for next time I think!

Then off we went to explore. With Indie in charge of the map, we headed towards the woodland walks and giant swings. These aren't buggy friendly though so we didn't actually make it that far. The swings are only up one small set of steps though so still quite accessible!

Indie loved the giant swings (and so did we haha), and it was so lovely to plonk the kids down on the grass and let them be free. From this side we had a gorgeous view of the gardens, the lake and the houses as well. Indie was picking buttercups and sharing them with Parker (I shared lots of pictures in my siblings post), and we even found some sticks which were perfect for use as wands!

Performing magic spells along the way, we wandered back towards the house itself. I will say it's very hilly (thank goodness Jack was on buggy duty!), but there are accessible routes this way. It's so worth it though, as the views from the top are beautiful, and we've already decided we'll be coming back for picnics on the grass in the if the summer arrives.

After wandering around the courtyard and the gardens, we knew it was time to go. Not before a game of pooh sticks with Indie though - a new found game for her which she really enjoyed! We didn't stay for too long, but Jack and I both agreed it was a perfect afternoon, and we'll definitely be back.


  1. It looks absolutely beautiful
    at chartwell I have never been. I love the photo of your two little ones together they look so cute x

  2. Gorgeous pictures of your lovely family. We often visit National Trust places and they are so lovely xx

    1. It looks lovely, will put it on my list of places to visit X

  3. We love our National Trust membership. Haven't been here - it looks like a beautiful place to visit x

  4. We love playing pooh sticks! I love the National Trust, there is always so much to do. She looks so cute reading her map! This looks like such a gorgeous place to visit. Thank you so much for sharing with #whatevertheweather x

  5. The National Trust have some great sites and it looks like you had a fantastic day out, love all the gorgeous photos of your exploration. Thanks so much for linking up to #Whatevertheweather :) x


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