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The Siblings Project | May


We've had a busy busy month since I last posted about my Peachicks! Two holidays, plenty of days out, and many teething disaster days that I'd rather not remember - thank goodness for chocolate is all I'll say. I thought I'd be sharing some holiday snaps for this month's siblings project, but if I'm honest we hardly captured any of just the two of them; and no way was I posting pictures of myself in a swimming costume online!

We took these snaps at the last minute yesterday, when we visited Chartwell (a separate post of our day will be up soon), and I absolutely LOVE them. They capture our two so well. Indiana's cheekiness (and her lack of sharing haha), but also her caring side. She absolutely loves her brother, and always wants to show him things, and get him involved. 

She's starting using this 'baby voice' to talk to him, which is so sweet! She'll comfort him when he's upset, and show him things when we're out. You can just tell how much she loves him - although as I've mentioned above, she 100% refuses to share, so he does get shoved about if he tries to play with anything in her radius haha.

Then there's our beautiful boy. He's at such a curious age now, and I don't think there's any doubt that he is Indiana's biggest fan. She still gets the biggest giggles out of him, and it's most likely because she's being silly to make him laugh! He watches her every move and even though she does shove him away he still comes back for more haha.


I sometimes can't believe how big these two are getting! They still look so different in my opinion, yet their development so far has been near identical. I cannot wait to see what these little blondies have in store for us this month!

The Me and Mine Project


  1. Such cute photos! I love the interaction between your two, you've captured it perfectly. My 2 1/2 year old has trouble sharing with her younger brother too, he stole a sandwich from her plate this week and I've never heard such dispair!

  2. These photos are adorable. Can clearly see the friendship they are gaining and bond that's growing. Love these photos!!! X

  3. They look so big!!!!! Lovely to see their bond x

  4. Oh I adore these snaps! Can't wait for Arch to be sitting up purely for the photo ops haha! They have the exact same colouring but they really are so different in looks aren't they! xx

  5. Aww they're such lovely photos, and their relationship sounds so very sweet - with of without the sharing!!

  6. Gorgeous photos! They look so happy together, it sounds like they have a lovely relationship X

  7. Lovely photos they look so happy together X

  8. What gorgeous photos and such a beautiful location for them too. Love the way they are sitting and having fun together :-)


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