What's In My Toddler's Flight Bag


We're off on our familymoon to Crete very soon, which is a four hour flight away. To hopefully keep Indiana (two and a half) entertained I've packed her a bag full of goodies - new things, her favourite things and of course lots of food!

We are taking her Trunki as a main bag, but as we'll have two kids and there won't be much room, I wanted to pack her a smaller bag which we can have to hand at all times. This one is just from Mothercare and is a perfect size! The Trunki will have spare clothes (essential for a potty training toddler) and back up snacks, as well as this bag while at the airport.

So here's what we've packed in Indie's travel bag:

Activity Book with Crayons
We picked up this activity book from Poundland. It's got things to do, colouring and included chunky crayons. Indiana loves these characters too so hopefully that will keep her amused for a at least 5 minutes haha. If not I'm sure she'll use it while on holiday too.

iPad & Headphones
We've downloaded Disney Life on the iPad which is absolutely fantastic! You need wi-fi to download things, but once on your iPad you can watch them without. We've downloaded Frozen and a couple of other films, which will definitely keep her happy for a while. She loves the CBeebies app too so between those I think she'll be very happy.

After asking around we purchased these JVC kiddy headphones from Amazon. These were an absolute bargain of £9.99 (the boy/girl specific colours were more expensive for some reason). They fit nicely so thankfully we won't have to listen to Frozen on repeat haha.

You can't go anywhere with a toddler and not have snacks to hand. Indiana is ALWAYS hungry, so we've got lots of her favourite treats packed. We love the Kiddylicious and Bear Paws snacks - they're so easy to grab and I know they're not as bad for Indie as adult snacks. We'll also have lots of Organix and Ella's Kitchen goodies incase she's extra hungry too.

Toys - Blind Bag, Playdoh tub & a toy of her choice
Of course we've packed a few toys as well; we don't want her on the iPad the whole time! She absolutely loves surprise / blind bags so I've popped one of these in. I may pop in a kinder surprise as an extra treat for the way home too.

I saw the playdoh idea floating around and thought I'd pop a tub in just in case. Although I may leave in the Trunki - it'll be good for on holiday at least haha.

Indie changes her mind on her favourite toy practically every day, so I'm going to let her pick one toy the day before to bring. Obviously nothing huge (although I fear she might try haha), but something she wants.

That's about all we're taking. Not too much, as I think she'd just become overwhelmed and want to play with it all if we did! Although do comment below if you think there's something we should definitely pack.

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