Weaning // Parker's Journey So Far


I haven't shared much about Parker's weaning experience, especially compared to Indiana's where I posted weekly. Just like with Indie we have followed the baby led weaning approach. Parker has always been a greedy little boy, so we started just shy of 6 months (23 weeks exactly) he's now 41 weeks (just over 9 months) and he absolutely loves food!

It has been a totally different experience from the first time around though. The main difference is that Parker is VERY willing to be fed. He's never really picked up the concept of pre-loaded spoons; he can do them, but most of the time he prefers to either launch himself towards the spoon, or lets us feed him.

There are many 'purists' (yes I know, this is actually a term I've heard), who would therefore say we're not technically baby led weaning then. But we are. Parker feeds himself every meal. He chooses what he does and doesn't want to eat. He's never had purees, and eats 'real' food. Yes we may feed him a yoghurt or weetabix, but if he wants to stop he'll shake his head and close his mouth - I'd say that's very baby led!

Although Parker loves food, it did seem to take him a little bit longer to get the concept of chewing and swallowing. I think this may be because we started a little earlier though. Once he got the hang of it though it made all the difference - the biggest being he actually started sleeping at night. He eats lots now and has dropped his morning bottle, and we're getting closer to dropping the afternoon one too.

His favourite foods include: pasta (he could eat this all day every day if we let him), potatoes, bread (sandwiches, toast, etc), fruit, cucumber, cheese, rice, tomatoes, yoghurts and anything 'treaty' such as the organix biscuits. He loves water too and will happily drink from his Tommee Tippee beaker - something Indie never did!

One of the most exciting things happening at the moment is that we're working with Babymoov, as part of their #stresslessweaning team! You may have noticed Parker's fab new highchair, which is just one of the fab products we'll be testing over the next few months. We also have the help of a lovely nutritionist to answer any questions - so if you have anything you want to know or ask, make sure to leave a comment below, and I'll pass it over!

Disclosure - We are working with Babymoov as part of their #stresslessweaning team. I have no been paid and all opinions are my own.


  1. Anonymous22/5/16

    Good boy Parker, doing so well... Bet it's a bit less stressful for mummy second time around too as well which helps! Xx

  2. We found it different to Isla too, she loved baby led weaning, Archie was a little more skeptical so we did feed him some foods but like you said when he didn't like something or was finished he sure let me know haha! xx


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