Parker's 9 Month Update


39+1 weeks, 9 months old. The exact amount of time my gorgeous boy was in my tummy, and now the exact age he is now. How is it possible that it felt like so long we were waiting for him, yet he's grown up so quickly now he's here?

He's changed SO much this month, it's actually scary how much he's actually learnt! He's getting closer to the toddler stage every day and it's so sad. I haven't wished milestones away this time, but it seems they're coming just as fast!

Parker now weighs 19lbs 5oz and is in a combination of 6-9 and 9-12 month clothing. We're moving him into size 5 nappies and soon he'll have his 9-12 month development check. His routine is exactly the same as it has been previous months, although he now loves to sleeps completely on his stomach. He also holds his bottles himself and will drink more if you don't snuggle him in!

He's had a number of firsts this month including his first holiday, trip swimming, first go on a slide, and finally his first tooth!! It seems like more are on the way too so hopefully he won't suffer as much with those.

He's been in a development leap this month, and boy did we know it! He's been clingy, grouchy and sleep has been a bit unpredictable. He had a 4 hour nap one day, and I remember mentioning to Jack that he must be exhausted from learning so many new things... And I was right!

This month Parker has learnt to wave, he puts his arms up to you when you go to pick him up, he claps on command and he's practicing new sounds (I'm pretending his 'mmmmm' sounds at dinner are him saying mama haha). The most exciting milestone is that he's learnt to pull himself up, and constantly wants to stand! He started off pulling up in his cot, but now does it to everything and everyone haha. Nothing is safe now and I'm sure he'll be cruising very soon.

We're off on our first holiday abroad as a four this week, which we are so excited about! We've already decided to get the walker out when we get home though. I wonder if he'll walk early like his sister did? She was doing so many similar things at the same age it's crazy!

39+1 in - 39+1 out
What was your little one up to at 9 months?

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