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From the second we booked our Familymoon we knew we wanted to get Indiana a Trunki. So I was over the moon when Trunki sent Indie one of her very own for us to try! We went for the new Gerry the Giraffe design which retails at £39.99, but there are 21 different designs to choose from, as well as a 'create your own' option.

If you've never heard of Trunki before, they're basically a ride on suitcase for kids. They've even be hand luggage approved making them perfect for any type of trip - be it a sleepover, a UK break or a holiday abroad. We took ours on our recent trip to Crete, and it made travelling at the airport so much more enjoyable for Indiana.

The cases have so many cool features that make them much more than just your boring suitcase. Firstly the designs are gorgeous. They're fun, bright and so colourful! If you did decide to put it into the hold you'd have no trouble spotting it when you collect your suitcases. 

They're also HUGE! I was worried at first that we wouldn't actually get much in there, and tried to pack as little as possible on the way there (just in case it broke from the weight). Honestly I needn't have worried though, and I was surprised at just how much I could stuff in there on the flight home! The strap keeps everything secure, and the case can also be locked when it's in use so there's no worry that it will all fall out.

Indie never complained that the Trunki was uncomfortable, and was happy to sit on it to be pulled along. Once sat on it and holding on I wasn't worried she was going to fall off either. Indie is 2 and a half (but quite short for her age) and was still a little too short to really push herself along. She is probably too small to pull it along herself too (especially when full), so these features were a bit lost on her.

The large shoulder strap made it easy for Jack and I to carry it when we needed to. This is the same strap that you use to pull it along, which did get a little frustrating. I found it quite fiddly to get the clip on and off when switching between pulling it and carrying it - which isn't ideal when trying to deal with a toddler and an airport!

Although I love nearly everything about the Trunki, I will say it does have it's flaws. Firstly the hinge opening is an issue. The way it opens makes it VERY difficult to actually use on the plane. I heard about this from others, so actually packed Indie a backpack full of things we actually needed with us, and kept the Trunki in the overhead locker for the whole flight. The hinge also came apart a couple of times, even when it was hardly full - this was easy to pop back together, but wasn't something I expected from a brand new item!

It is also slightly difficult to turn once full and your child is riding on it. This wasn't really an issue for us as we weren't it too much of a rush, but I wouldn't advice turning tight corners with a child on it haha. Overall it is easy to pull along, and it also dealt with the moving travelators well too!

Overall though we absolutely loved using our Trunki. Yes we did carry it through security and on and off the plane, but we would have had to do that with any carry on bag we had. Indie loved that she had something of her own, and the design is unbelievably cute! I know we'll be using it for years to come, especially as it comes with a 5 year guarantee and the unisex design means Parker can use it once Indie has outgrown it! I've included a video below that shows what we packed for our outbound flight in our Trunki. It really does hold loads!

Disclosure - I received this product for the purpose of this review. However all opinions are honest and my own


  1. We love our Trunki and have Bernard the bee. You're right, it's a faff to open it once on the plane but it's so handy if you need an extra bag. Ours is always stuffed to the brim with nappies and wipes! #triedtested

  2. Anonymous24/5/16

    Indie looks super cute with her Trunki, Willow spotted one last week and we've told her she can have one for our Disney holiday next year. I'm glad you've mentioned about the hinge, I'll make sure to pack a little bag inside for the plane. Thank you for a fab review :) xx

  3. I love the sense of ownership and responsibility that comes with owning a trunki for kids #TriedTested

  4. My son would love this. It is important that kids can look after their own things #triedtested

  5. Great post. I am currently looking at multiple posts of bloggers that are going on holidays soon. We have never been abroad with the kids so anything is helpful.

  6. We've never used a trunki but I do love the idea of them. I think with having three children it would be a right old pain for us to use them!
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested this week x

  7. Love that design of Trunki. We keep debating whether or not to get one for the girls - I think they would love them!

  8. Anonymous25/5/16

    I've wanted a Trunki since before having children lol!! They look so cute, I love the design you chose :) shame about the little flaws, hope they can fix those by the time we're ready to buy one for W! Xx

  9. haha we love trunki and this one looks great, Boo's favourite one (she is greedy and has two) is her moo cow one!


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