3 Ways to Keep your Family Home Looking Great!


When you buy your first home it quickly becomes your first love. You spend so much time tinkering around with it, investing into it, and just becoming stupidly house proud. Some of you will even agree with me that it actually becomes a little obsession. However it's one that’s quickly snatched away from you the moment you start your own family!

As much of a joy as it is to have your own family, family life does know how to test your patience. Things are easily broken, trinkets and decorative items become a thing of the past, and you'll spend forever getting curious spills and stains out of carpets. But this doesn't have to be the case, as there are lots of quick fixes you can make, to make your family home special again.

Stop Ignoring Niggling Issues
We're all guilty of ignoring small issues - after all they're only little problems right? But when you add all of these small issues together (or leave them too long), they can really make a difference in your home. One example of this is the garage door. Family life gets in the way, and if it’s not something that seems to get a lot of use, it can be ignored for a long time. But if it's just because you don't know how to fix a noisy garage door, there are easy fixes! It's always easier to sort things sooner rather than later, before the issues becomes a much bigger problem.

Buy More Storage Solutions
Space is definitely something that would have slowly rolled away from you as your family grows. So to bring space back into your life, why not have a good clear out, and then store the bits you do want to keep in better ways. There are lots of furniture you can buy that can also double up as storage, such as footstools that lifts up, beds with under storage, and draws you can have built into the walls. Ikea also do a whole range of fantastic storage solutions - their Kallax units are particularly great!

Bring Furniture Back to Life
Years of continuous use (and usually not for it's intended purpose) plus the other delights family life brings (sick, pens, and sticky fingers), can leave your furniture looking rather sorry for itself. But rather than going through the expense of buying brand new items, why not bring it back to life? Either buy yourself a cleaning kit, or get an expert to come in and do it for you. It could quite literally save you thousands!
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