Top 5 Must Do's at Disneyland Paris!


Despite our Disneyland Paris trip over a month ago now, I've definitely still got the Disney blues! So what better way to cure them, than by talking about all things Disney? Since our visits we've been asked lots of questions about what we got up to, and what the best parts were, so I thought I would share my top 5 'must do's' when visiting Disneyland Paris. And hopefully if you're planning a future trip this will help you with your planning!

Watch Illuminations

There is no better way to end an amazing Disney day, then by watching the incredible Illuminations show. A combination of fireworks, projections, fire, lights and music brings the Disneyland Park and Sleeping Beauty Castle to life. The show makes me emotional every time I watch it, and it really is pure Disney magic! Timings of the show depend on the time of year, as it begins at park close (this was 8pm in March and 11pm in June), but it's totally worth staying up for.

Photo Credit: Emma

Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show

I had heard so much about Buffalo Bill's, but was still a little unsure what to expect before we visited this year. All I can say is WOW! I won't give too much away, but it is an interactive dinner show full of fun, laughter and lots of yummy food. You get to see plenty of Disney characters during the show (and if you arrive early enough you may bump into Wild West Mickey too), as well as stunt riders and real live cattle. I really wouldn't miss it!

Explore Sleeping Beauty's Castle

Of course you cannot go to Disneyland Paris without exploring the iconic Sleeping Beauty Castle! You can climb the stairs and go into the castle itself, where you can find out more of the story of Sleeping Beauty (and spot the snoring suits of armour). As you walk through the castle there's the Christmas Shop and a Glass shop - this is where you can watch them make (and buy!) amazing glass wands and ornaments. But don't forget to explore underneath the castle too, as this is where you'll find the Maleficent dragon! To find the entrance to the cave, head to the left as you walk towards the castle, and you should find the secret door.

Eat Mickey Shaped Treats

There are many iconic snacks at Disneyland Paris, but of course the best ones are Mickey shaped! Not only are they fun to find (and make for great photos), they are all super tasty too. You can find Mickey shaped waffles at The Old Mill in Fantasyland, special Disney popcorn buckets dotted around the park, and of course Mickey shaped cookies and marshmallows at the Sweet Shop on Mainstreet - it's on the right just as you wander down towards the castle!

Enjoy a Character Meal

The best way to meet characters without the crazy queues, is to enjoy one of the many character meal options. We love these as you can meet lots of characters while enjoying your meal, leaving you free to enjoy rides and explore the parks without hunting down the characters. A great time saving tip! You can have character breakfasts at Plaza Gardens or with the princesses. And then lunch / dinner with the characters or princesses at Inventions (in Disneyland Hotel), Auberge de Cendrillion (Disneyland Park), or Cafe Mickey (in Disney Village). Make sure to book these in advance though as they are super popular!

So those are my top 5 must do's at Disneyland Paris, especially if you are visiting for the first time. Is there anything you would add to my list? Why not let me know by commenting below!

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