Common Mistakes to Avoid when Moving with Children


Moving is well known as one of the most stressful things that you can do, especially if you have children. Young children tend to build their sense of safety and comfort around familiar surroundings such as the same house, school friends, and a regular routine. However if you've decided to move, you're going to have to break some of these at some point - especially if you're moving far.

The best thing to do is treat it like a plaster, and rip it off quickly but effectively. There are of course mistakes you can make along the way, but hopefully with the help of this post, you can avoid making the most common ones!

Not Explaining Why
It's a common mistake to think that you're protecting your children, by not telling them the reasons behind you moving. But children are smart and will find out sooner or later. It's best for everyone involved for everyone to have a clear picture behind the reasons for moving. Try calling a family meeting where you can explain the move, and hear each other's thoughts and feelings on the matter. Even if your children are a little too young for this, it's still a good idea to explain what's going to happen.

Leaving Things Until the Last Minute
Similar to the point above, it's always best to let your children know about your plans as early as you can. You're almost guaranteeing an uproar if you don't tell them until last minute, potentially causing unnecessary stress and anxiety. If you tell them in advance they have longer to come to terms with the move, start researching the new area and getting excited about things like their new room. Children need time to prepare just as much as you do mentally!

Tackling it all Yourself 
You're going to be much happier and relaxed if you have had support with the move, whether that is from family and friends or quality interstate removalists, everything will be much smoother if you're not alone with packing and moving day (especially when you have children to look after). Using a professional service and having the support of loved ones will allow you to focus on your children, and how they are dealing with the move on the day.

Being Unprepared for the Trip
As a parent, you will already know the importance of been prepared for a road trip. Having activities for your children to complete, and plenty of snacks and drinks to hand are essential to a successful trip. If you're moving a fair distance, then this road trip is probably going to one of the most stressful for everyone included. Emotions are bound to be running high. Being prepared will mean that everyone will feel a little bit more relaxed moving to their new home.

Have you ever moved with children? How did you find it, and do you have any tips that you can share in the comments section?
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  1. We moved just over a month ago and it all went well but given the chance and if we had the money we would have hired a removal company. It was a lot of work ourselves x


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