The Siblings Project | July 2019


What a difference a year makes huh?

A year ago Lilah was just 6 months old, a teeny tiny squish between her brother a sister. And now? She's just turned 18 months and is just as crackers as the other two! I absolutely love the dynamic between the three of them at the moment though. Of course the squabbles and fights are still as full on as ever, but they are so fiercely protective of each other too. 

Indie has absolutely loved showing Parker around her school and telling him what to expect come September. Proudly telling everyone that 'my brother Parker is in *** class!' I'm still not sure he gets that he won't see her every day when he does start, but it's reassuring that they have each other around the school in general. I just know they'll have each others backs over the years - because you know that no one else is allowed to hurt the other but them right?

And then there's our not so little Lilah, who is quickly learning that whatever they can do, she can usually do better... help! For example, a few weekends ago the big two were climbing a hugeee dirt hill, when Lilah ran over and climbed to the top nearly just as fast. No hesitations. No fear. Just the biggest grin on her face that she was joining in with the big kids. I just know she's going to be trouble.

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