Four Ways to Survive the Summer Holidays


Can you believe that another school year is almost over already? Indiana's first year has absolutely flown by in a blur of school runs, birthday parties and plenty of fun. But with the six week Summer holidays upon us, I must admit that I'm already feeling a little nervous! As much as I love our children it is super hard work, and the responsibility can be overwhelming at times. Thankfully school keeps them busy and teaches them all of the things we can't, but what do we do when the term is over?

For the first few days they’ll probably make their own fun, but 6 weeks can feel like an incredibly long time - especially for children who don't understand the concept of time. I've already started thinking of ideas, and hopefully this post will help you if you're worrying too. So here are just 4 ways to entertain your little ones during the school holidays!

Arrange Playdates 
Of course the holidays means that all children are off of school, so make sure to arrange playdates and days out with your children's friends. Whether it's just a picnic at the park, going to each others houses, or a big day out, I can guarantee this will be beneficial for you just as much as your children! If you don't know the children's parents already, now is a good time to get those contacts before the school term finishes.

Have Movie Days
Having a fun day doesn't necessarily have to mean leaving the house - especially if the weather isn't looking so good. Let your children pick a few films (you could get a Netflix subscription or look at the latest now tv offers to see if there’s anything you will all enjoy), then get some popcorn and sweets, and set up a 'movie theatre' in the living room with duvets and cushions. You could even make it an event by getting your children to create theatre tickets and decorating the room with fairy lights, to make it even more fun.

Join Holidays Clubs & Groups
A lot of regular clubs finish for the holidays just like school, but there are plenty of different holidays clubs and activities you could go to instead. Whether your child is into sports, dance, drama or just getting outdoors, there will be something to suit everyone! Make sure to look into these as soon as possible though to guarantee a space, as some may require payment in advance too.

Get Them to Help Around the House
With everyone at home you can imagine how messy and chaotic it can be - especially if you use school hours to catch up on house work! A great idea to combat this is to get your children to help you work around the house. Depending on the age of your child, you can get them to do simple chores such as tidying their room, setting the table or organising toys. This not only helps you out but helps teach them important skills. If you don't think your children will be too keen, why not try making it a game, or using pocket money as a little incentive.

What would you add to my list?
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